Empowering Wellness™

Our tagline says it all. Using near, mid and far infrared sauna technologies, Sunlighten™ delivers innovations that empower health, vitality and yes, wellness. Our products help detoxify the body, provide pain relief and clinically demonstrate improvements for weight loss and blood pressure.

"Empowering Wellness" – it's our tagline. And it's our mission. One that we prove each day with innovative product lines such as:

mPulse® Series

Full-spectrum sauna technology in your home – five sizes to choose from – each one fully customizable to target your health needs safely and effectively.

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Signature® Series

Simply the safest, most effective far infrared saunas on the market – three models – clinically tested to show multiple health benefits, such as lower blood pressure.

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Solo System®

This uniquely portable far infrared sauna provides the ultimate personal detoxifying experience – especially when used with the far infrared pad.

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