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prepareME – Phase 1

prepareME is a 28 day program that is easy to include in your daily routine. As detoxME is a nutritionally-based wellness program, prepareME first uses certified organic, fermented superfoods with natural mineral supplements to help reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and balance the gut in preparation for the detoxME program.

Infrared Sauna Benefits for Natural Healing, including: anti-aging, sauna weight loss, and wound healing

detoxMe – Phase 2

detoxME is the central and most comprehensive step in the broader detoxME protocol. Combining six natural plant and mineral products, detoxME maintains improved gastro-intestinal function while comprehensively targeting environmental toxins and chemicals. This 28 day program is based on 35 years of clinical trials and treatment by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and other thought leaders who have pioneered heavy metal and toxin removal.

Infrared Sauna Benefits for Natural Healing, including: anti-aging, sauna weight loss, and wound healing

maintainME – Phase 3

maintainME provides nutrients for sustainable healthy gut function and ongoing support for the natural detoxification pathways of the body. By maintaining your new level of GIT health and pathways of elimination, you will be able to release toxins as they are presented to you rather than storing toxins in your body once again.

Why detoxMe?

One if the biggest issues facing our population today is the combination of poor digestion, poor nutrition and a highly toxic environment, all of which create an under functioning gut, which is a precursor to more serious illnesses. Developed as a comprehensive and safe detoxification process to assist the body’s natural cleansing abilities, detoxMe contains of a series of specialised organic ingredients, delivered in three phases to work within the body for a better performing you.

How is detoxME different from other detox or cleansing programs?

detoxME is the one & only detoxification program with fermented nutritional support for optimal gut and liver function. Fermented foods are produced or preserved by the action of microorganisms with the fermentation process allowing the bacteria, yeasts and moulds to “predigest” and, therefore, break down the carbohydrates, fats and proteins to create a predigested food rich in probiotics.

Fermentation assists in:

  • The breakdown of foods to make assimilation easier
  • Providing digestive enzymes
  • Supplying and nourishing the correct intestinal bacteria
  • Eliminating the component of soy that affects people with soy sensitivities

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