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The Safest & Most Effective Infrared Saunas Available

When it comes to natural healing and prevention, there is only one clear choice.   Sunlighten offers the only medical-grade, clinically-backed and proven effective far and full spectrum infrared saunas on the market.  That is why more health experts recommend Sunlighten saunas over any other!

+ Solocarbon® medical-grade heaters proven 95-99% effective
+ Non-existent EMF technology for ultimate safety
+ Clinically shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature & aid in weight loss
+ Near infrared LEDs for pain relief, cell health and increased immunity
+ Eco-friendly, non-toxic materials including hypoallergenic basswood option
+ Acoustic Resonance Therapy adds sound and vibration for a deeper state of relaxation

"In my search for sauna quality & value along with a non prescription approach, knowing it was out there, led me to you. I want to thank you for all your help and information you had given me. I encourage all to seriously consider using a Sunlighten™ sauna product for practicing "

- Dr. Mark Hyman author of the NY Times best selling book, Ultrametabolism and Sunlighten customer.

"I am a new customer and have recently purchased the mPulse Believe, that is on back-order. I was not planning on purchasing a sauna from you, but as someone battling with breast cancer, I was covering all of my bases with research. Natalie McDaniel called me and spent ample amount of time discussing your company as well as the product I was interested in. She was honest, upfront, and extremely knowledgeable about the product. I ended up buying the product because of her! Due to my personal situation, I have been very anxious and impatient about waiting for the sauna to arrive. I had read some negative online reviews about Sunlighten so I sent Natalie some emails about my discouragement and concerns. She immediately called me and walked me through everything I was worried about and once again reminded me why I had chosen Sunlighten. She is a great representative for your company, but she is also a good person that is easy to relate to and trust. Your company is fortunate to have her and I am glad I have had the opportunity to work with her. I just thought someone should know of her efforts and skills from a customer stand point. Thank you!"

- Amy Neeley, Valued Customer

"I LOVE my Solo Spa!!! The Solo Spa I purchased from you has been a very powerfull treatment protocol for me in treating my cancer. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Lipo Sarcoma. This cancer is medically treatable only with surgery. There are no other medical treatments recommended. I am very much into Alternative and Integrative medicine so as I began my research it led me to many great options. One of the options I found is Hyperthermia Therapy. This involves the heating of the body core or local area to a point that is detrimental to cancer cells. After researching a lot of different sauna’s and looking at the suggestions of others, I decided that the Sunlighten, Solo Spa was the one I would choose. The features were everything I needed, Compact, lightweight and powerfull. I ordered it and for the first 50 days I used it every day and thereafter, even continuing now, I use it almost every other day. I am very happy to report that my cancer is under control with the doctor allowing me to use the word “REMISSION”! The reasons that the Solo has been so successful for me are: 1. Proper use of the Solo Sauna is very detoxing to the body. 2. The Solo Sauna is one of the very few saunas’ that will raise the bodies’ core temperature high enough necessary to be effective against cancer cells. 3. Private relaxing, “no stress” time is very important in the treatment of any disease especially cancer.

My wife and I use the Sauna to promote our general health and we absolutely love it!! I have recommended it to 3 other cancer survivors as well. It is so beneficial to the joints and provides a great cardio workout even while I sleep! I believe it was a major factor in helping me run a successful half marathon earlier this year.

Congrats to you on having such a superior product to offer. It is without a doubt the best on the market!"

- Neil Schultz, Valued Customer

"WOW! A company that actually does what their brochures say they will do. We have had our Signature sauna for just over a year and we are extremely happy with our choice. We bought this sauna both to help my wife with her lymes disease and to help me with high blood pressure and weight problems. Also, because a good sweat feels good. We had our jetted tub taken out to make room for the sauna and we do not regret the decision at all. We recommend any of the Sunlighten saunas without reservation."

- Wayne Brunelle, Valued Customer





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