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Sunlighten Sauna
  • Corner sauna mPulse dISCOVER
  • Specifications


    70.6"x 70.6" x 76.6"
    (optional feet add 2")

    64.6" x 64.6" x 71.5"

    14 heaters = 5863 sq. in.

    240V 20A
    NEMA 6-20R, 6-20P,
    dedicated 240V 20A
    circuit and outlet required.

    Basswood = 882 lbs.
    Cedar = 915 lbs.
    Eucalyptus = 923 lbs.

  • 6 preset programs target detoxification, weight loss and more

    6 one-touch health programs are available in each dISCOVER home sauna. Each program will automatically set the heaters to emit the optimal blend of wavelengths - based on third-party research studies - to target the infrared sauna health benefits you want to see.


  • Solocarbon Full Spectrum Technology: Near Infrared, Mid Infrared and Far Infrared Technology

    Clinically-backed heaters deliver an effective blend of near infrared, mid & far infrared to achieve desired result. All of our dISCOVER saunas emit clinically-tested heat through 14 Solocarbon panels on the front, side and walls and the floor. Patented technology is in a class of its own with 99% efficiency, low EMF and more IR surface area than any other heater on the market! LEARN MORE


  • Clinically-backed full spectrum blend precisely target specific infrared sauna health benefits
    Through extensive research we found that different parts of the infrared spectrum are more effective than others at targeting various health benefits, i.e. far infrared targets specific health needs, while mid and near infrared targets others. With this in mind, Solocarbon® Full Spectrum’s proprietary wavelengths were developed and included in the dISCOVER saunas based on over 56 research studies for true health results.

    Near Infrared: Mid Infrared: Far Infrared:
  • Near infrared LEDs

    Near infrared waves have a shorter frequency range with the ability to penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin making it beneficial for anti-aging, wound healing and pain relief.
    Our advanced LED technology in our dISCOVER saunas provides a consistent output of near infrared without extreme heat or light, providing comfortable infrared light therapy. It is completely safe and effective. In fact, studies performed by NASA and other highly regarded institutions clinically-showed near infrared to be beneficial for pain relief, anti-aging, wound healing and cell health. We also performed a case study with our mPulse sauna that showed visible results from our LED heaters. Download PDF of Case Study.


  • Customizable heaters for targeting different sauna health benefits

    Near, mid and far infrared rays are emitted through a patented, independently controllable design, included in the dISCOVER corner sauna, for the utmost personalization. Choose to customize a session's infrared output to the setting that best accomplishes your goals and health needs. Simply adjust the infrared output of each individual heater to target the infrared health benefits you want with a touch to the LCD control panel. With your health needs changing over time, the mPulse dISCOVER saunas can adapt to offer what you need, when you need it.

  • Experience Sauna Weight Loss by Watching your Calories Burn on 7” LCD/DVD Touch-Screen
    • One-touch access to heater programs in the dISCOVER home sauna for customization
    • Quick Start button conveniently repeats last sauna session
    • Schedule mode allows multiple users to schedule sessions so your dISCOVER corner sauna is ready when needed
    • Simple touch and slide control adjusts interior lighting as desired
    • High resolution screen provides a clear picture for DVDs

  • Online wellness program to track progress

    Biofeedback accessories take infrared sauna therapy to the next level. Track your heart rate and calories burned during dISCOVER sauna sessions & wirelessly send data to your personal wellness website - - to monitor progress over time. This dynamic website is designed to help Sunlighten customers achieve their wellness goals with daily guidance.
    • Track dISCOVER sauna sessions and other cardiovascular activity
    • Connect with other Sunlighten customers with similar goals
    • Follow fitness plans with easy how-to-videos
    • Plan meals and get nutritional recipes
    • Get free advice from our wellness coaches 24/7
    • Learn More »


  • On-Care*, the smart wireless technology installed in your dISCOVER home sauna kit comes with automatic diagnostics

    This enhanced customer care option is available to create peace of mind for consumers & ensures optimal system performance. Any problems that occur with your infrared sauna are wirelessly transmitted to your Intelli-Watch¹ and then wirelessly to your computer through your Data Drive¹ and automatically sent to the Sunlighten customer service team.
    • Automated diagnostic monitoring maintains full system performance
    • Diagnostics wirelessly transmitted to Customer Care team
    • Comes with Platinum level of customer support & dedicated contact number
    *Biofeedback accessories and On-Care service required
    ¹Optional accessories
  • Simple Magne-Seal™ Assembly process of a dISCOVER corner sauna
    • Easy assembly - walls easily snap together making it a cinch to set up and take down.
    • Prolonged Cabinetry - adapts as wood expands & contracts with heat to prevent cracks or warping in your home sauna.
    • Heat Protection - better seals between the walls of your sauna mean heat stays in and cold air stays out.
    • Durability - as strong and durable as clips, buckles or screws, but invisible to the eye.
    *Patent No. US7,458,111 B2 VIEW ASSEMBLY VIDEO


  • Acoustic Resonance Therapy option in the dISCOVER hom sauna kits

    A.R.T is our most requested dISCOVER sauna enhancement. Attached at specific locations within your corner sauna, the A.R.T. system creates soothing, musiical vibrations that resonate through your body to balance the brainwaves and induce a deeper state of relaxation. Combining infrared therapy and A.R.T. provides a natural, healing environment for the mind and body. Click to Experience A.R.T. Option

    Ergonomic, Removable Benches
    Chiropractor-consulted design to reduce stress on the body and deep enough for sitting or lying down in optimal comfort. Removable to allow space for stretching or yoga. Benches come ready for A.R.T. option.
  • Near infrared, mid and far infrared emitting Bamboo carbon heaters in every dISCOVER corner sauna
    • Emits infrared rays to grant full infrared exposure
    • Washable, Anti-bacterial and eco-friendly
    • Improves air quality and neutralizes odor
  • Infrared Light Therapy in your dISCOVER home sauna kits with Chromotherapy option

    Soft interior lighting is fully adjustable from the LCD touch-screen to create your desired ambience. Our Chromotherapy option is available to enhance your home sauna with infrared light therapy so that you can experience the healing benefits of light and color. Learn More
  • Highest quality, certified eco-friendly wood

    mPulse dISCOVER corner saunas are sourced from FSC or PEFC certified wood – two of the most reputable third party designations for eco-friendly wood products. This means we participate in socially and environmentally responsible wood sourcing to build infrared saunas. mPulse dISCOVER saunas have solid tongue and grove construction and are 33% thicker than the industry standard. Available in hypoallergenic basswood, western Canadian cedar and premium eucalyptus.   LEARN MORE ABOUT SAUNA WOOD OPTIONS

Infrared sauna exterior view of mPulse cONQUER

Infrared sauna exterior view of mPulse cONQUER

Infrared sauna exterior view of mPulse cONQUER

It's a fact. Everyone loves a sauna and no one produces a better line of home saunas, infrared sauna and sauna kits than Sunlighten. This is the Sunlighten dISCOVER infrared sauna. You and up to three other family members or friends will love the health benefits of an infrared sauna, which is both beautifully-designed and built with uncompromising quality and intelligent technology. The dISCOVER offers relaxation, comfort, esthetic design, and the healing powers of infrared light therapy.

Experience the pinnacle in outdoor saunas. The roomy mPulse dISCOVER full spectrum infrared sauna system features 14 heaters with infrared emitting Carbon bamboo heater covers 5,863 sq. inches with wrap-around corner doors that give you a wide open view while relaxing in your outdoor sauna.

The mPulse dISCOVER fits four quite comfortably. With its full spectrum infrared technology, you'll feel like you've experienced the best sauna possible every time you step in and out of one. You'll feel relaxed, lighter and healthier.

Features of the mPulse dISCOVER corner sauna include a built-in biofeedback monitor, as well as a 7" state-of-the-art LCD touch-screen which gives you full access to custom infrared heating programs, control lighting, and set session time and temperature to target specific sauna health benefits.

We set the standard for the outdoor sauna and sauna room experience. Care to know more about the dISCOVER corner sauna, contact Sunlighten today!