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Cedar View of the Signature II Infrared Sauna Basswood View of the Signature II Infrared Sauna Interior View of the Signature II Infrared Sauna Specifications View of the Signature II Infrared Sauna

Signature II Far Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten’s Signature II home sauna offers clinically proven backed infrared sauna benefits like lowered blood pressure, weight loss, detoxification and more – all from the comfort of your home. Nine heaters provide the most effectivehighest quality and quantity of far infrared heat available, and our proprietary design produces virtually no EMF. The Signature II far infrared sauna seats up to three people, and a removable bench allows for full use of floor space for yoga or stretching. Optional premium add-ons include acoustic resonance therapy, chromotherapy lighting, natural sauna cleaners and more.

Available in:   Basswood   Cedar


    51" x 46.1" x 77.5"

    45.9" x 40.0" x 70.1"

    45.9" x 20"

    9 heaters = 4059 sq. in.
    (located on the floor, front, back and side wall panels)

    120v, 2035w, 20a
    NEMA 5-20
    dedicated 120V 20A
    circuit and outlet required.

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Solocarbon® Far Infrared Technology - Our Active Ingredient

If you are purchasing a sauna for health benefits, the single most important element to consider is heater emissivity which determines how efficient infrared heat is conducted and emitted. If a sauna is not efficient at emitting infrared, you are not receiving the benefits of infrared! Generic carbon blend heaters are less than 85% effective. Solocarbon® far infrared heaters are proven 95% efficient at emitting infrared. When researching infrared saunas, always ask for emissivity data. This determines the quality of infrared heat.

Clinically-Tested Heaters

Solocarbon® heating technology is the foundation for all of our sauna products. Signature saunas emit clinically-tested far infrared heat through heaters located on the floor, front, back and side wall panels.

It is the only heater on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss. This is one of the reasons more doctors recommend Sunlighten over any other sauna brand. Click here for reviews from wellness experts.
Ultra Low EMF Technology

All Sunlighten saunas are completely safe and always have been. Not only are our Solocarbon heaters the most effective infrared heater on the market, the are also the safest. Our proprietary heater design produces virtually NO EMF. Click for EMF testing data.

Solocarbon® panels contain a unique proprietary blend of materials that are 100% quality controlled by Sunlighten™. This means—unlike other saunas on the market--we can ensure the safety & effectiveness of each individual heater. Solocarbon® panels are heat-sealed, meaning no wires or glues are used, so there is no release of unhealthy gases during heating. With the safest, clinically-tested technology available, it is no wonder our infrared saunas are the most trusted on the planet.
Simple Magne-Seal™ Assembly process

Only Sunlighten offers a patented magnetic locking system, eliminating the need for unsightly clips to hold the sauna together. Benefits include:
  • Easy Assembly - walls easily snap together, making it a cinch to set up and take down
  • Prolonged Cabinetry - adapts as wood expands & contracts with heat to prevent cracks or warping
  • Heat Protection - better seals between the walls of your sauna mean heat stays in and cold air stays out
  • Durability - as strong and durable as clips, buckles or screws, but invisible to the eye so there’s nothing unsightly about your sauna
  • Double Reinforcement - combined with the hidden U-shaped clip and interlocking halo roof, the construction of your sauna could not be more secure.
*Patent No. US7,458,111 B2
Beautiful Craftsmanship

With 100% quality-controlled manufacturing, you will not find another far infrared sauna as beautiful. Signature saunas have solid tongue and grove construction, 33% thicker wood than the industry standard and are commercial grade for extra durability.

Eco-friendly Wood Options

Signature saunas are made from PEFC-Certified wood that is sustainable, adaptable to high temperatures and extremely durable making it ideal for high traffic use. Signature saunas are available in hypoallergenic basswood and western Canadian cedar.   LEARN MORE ABOUT SAUNA WOOD OPTIONS
Deluxe Bench for Comfort &

The Signature bench is made of solid wood, 19" high and 20" deep (10% deeper than industry standard) for ultimate comfort. Benches are also removable to allow for full use of floor space for stretching or yoga poses. Acoustic Resonance Therapy for Deeper Relaxation

SO Sound™ acoustic resonance therapy is our most popular sauna enhancement! When installed under the bench, the SO Sound system combines the healing effects of sound and vibration to balance the brainwaves bringing the body to a deeper state of relaxation Click to experience SO Sound.

Premium Blaupunkt Sound System

Bask in the superior sound from our Blaupunkt AM/FM CD player with MP3 input. Choose your favorite tunes, close your eyes, and be taken away by the crystal clear sound from 2 premium Blaupunkt speakers.
36 Hour Programmable Timer

Preset your Signature infrared sauna with our industry-leading 36 hour programmable timer or leave on for continuous use. Your Sunlighten sauna will be heated & ready to go precisely when you want it!

Your Signature sauna also features a exterior power button so you can easily turn on your sauna without stepping inside.
Soft Interior Lighting with Chromotherapy option

Soft interior lights add an intimate ambiance yet provide enough light for reading. Easy to upgrade Chromotherapy lighting for added health and harmony. Learn more.




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