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Shining light on infrared technology, Sunlighten® is the #1 choice for personalized infrared light treatments.  Since 1999, we have been committed to innovating wellness products and services that empower our customers to improve their quality of life.  Our patented Solocarbon® technology rejuvenates the body by delivering the highest dose of infrared energy to the body - proven up to 99% effective.  Our technological innovations are fueled by our passion to make a difference. And we are building a global community of businesses, consumers, and trusted experts to support each other along the way and make the world a healthier, happier place.

Self-Care Hacks for Busy People

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month! Yes, you read that right. In our technology-driven world, we are accustomed to being “on” and available 24/7 that we actually need to raise awareness about taking care of ourselves.    This initiative was started by Evolve to Live to remind us that simple self-care is essential to our longevity. We are so consumed with deadlines, schedules, and endless inboxes, that we forget to do basic things like eat and breathe.   At Sunlighten, we want to change the way the world thinks about wellness and are committed to empowering others to live healthier lives, which is …

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Hot Yoga at Home

Attention all hot yoga and Bikram yoga fans: sometimes the fast pace of daily life prevents us from fitting in our regular yoga workout. Fortunately, Sunlighten has a variety of home saunas, such as the mPulse eMPOWER and Signature IV, that are easily configured to allow ample space for a single person to pose …whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home. Even our one-person and two-person models can provide enough space for some static hot yoga poses. Listed below are eight poses you can do in any Sunlighten cabin sauna. All benches are removable to make additional space for …

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Maintaining a Healthy Mind in Uncertain Times

If you’re stressed about the pandemic, you aren’t alone. According to June 2020 data from, 46% of Americans say they’re “very worried” or “fairly worried” they could suffer serious illness or death from COVID-19.[1] Health anxiety is perhaps the primary stress, but other stresses are significant too. The fear of losing your job. The fear of relatives contracting the coronavirus. The fear that your childrens’ education will suffer. Significant chunks of the global population are feeling these fears, and many are caused by one thing: Uncertainty. Nobody knows what’s coming next, or when and if things will return to …

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Tips and Tricks to Boosting Your Mental Health

Daily life with the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stressors—stressors most Americans have no experience dealing with. In fact, in a review of 3,166 papers examining the psychological impact of quarantine on mental health, 24 of which were included in an article published in the Lancet in March 2020, most studies reported negative psychological effects from quarantine including post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion, and anger. Stressors included longer quarantine duration, infection fears, frustration, boredom, inadequate supplies, inadequate information, financial loss, and stigma. Some researchers have suggested long-lasting effects1. According to a report from the pharmacy benefit management company, Express Scripts, between mid-February …

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Spring Detox Tips for Your Body and Home

Stuck at home because of the recent stay-at-home orders issued in communities across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Look at the bright side. This is a great time to take stock of your health and do a “spring detox” for your body and home, reducing the impact of the long winter months and the stress we’re all under right now. Here are some tips that can help you take charge of your health today, and rid your body of toxins. Body and Mind 1. See the sun? Get some. With spring officially here, the days are longer and …

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How to Strengthen Your Immune System in the Face of the COVID-19 Virus

It’s hard to miss the headlines about the novel coronavirus called COVID-19. But do you know how the virus originated, who’s at risk, and most importantly, what you can do to prevent getting sick? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, China, and linked to a live animal market. The official name of the disease is coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19. In COVID-19, “CO” stands for corona, “VI” for virus, and “D” for disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. …

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Importance of sleep and how to get the most of it

Whether you want to optimize health and performance or beat a health problem, sleep is a key ingredient. With the modern lifestyle and technologies, we are getting less sleep and worse sleep quality—over 35% of US adults get less than seven hours every night1. Since March is sleep awareness month, we explore the in’s and out’s of better sleep and how infrared sauna sessions can help. What happens when you sleep Sleep isn’t just laying still through the night. Rather, sleep is when your body performs many vital functions as it cycles through different stages, including rapid eye movement (REM), …

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Q&A with Dr. Will Cole: How to Recover from Holiday Overindulgence

The New Year is upon us and now is the time when we are supposed to be jumping on the resolution bandwagon. Getting into the healthy resolution spirit can be challenging when deep in the aftermath of holiday overindulgence. All of the social gatherings with festive cocktails and other high-sugar, high-fat indulgences may have you feeling sluggish as you kick off the new decade. It can be helpful to take a few moments to reflect on the last decade and think about what you would like to change to help your overall well-being. So often New Year resolutions are all …

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How To Buy An Infrared Sauna

We know that there are dozens of sauna choices available online. The buying process can be confusing as every brand claims that they are the best. Detox expert, Bridgit Danner, had a lot of questions on this topic and interviewed Sunlighten co-owner, Connie Zack.   What’s Covered:  – The pros & cons of various types of saunas – How saunas help people to stay healthy – Different types of saunas – Types of light therapy – The best materials to use for a sauna – How to choose what’s best for you   Click here for current sale pricing, chat live …

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Fall Detox Tips to Keep You Warm & Healthy All Season Long

Winter is coming, and you know what that means: cold and flu season. Prepare your immune system to fight back with a fall detox.  A build-up of toxins can lead to a host of common illnesses. Ridding the body of these toxic substances may help relieve symptoms, prevent future illness, and increase overall health and vitality. Here’s what you need to know to about a full body detox, so you can reset your defense system and remain healthy all winter long. Detox Basics What is the best way to do a body detox? There are many ways to detox, and …

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