Alive & Well Podcast: The Benefits of Infrared Products

Recently, Connie Zack was interviewed as a guest on the Alive & Well podcast regarding how to benefit your health with the use of infrared saunas and Sunlighten products.

A few things she talked about:

How infrared Sunlighten saunas can encourage healing and other healthy benefits.
Various health benefits of Sunlighten products and what you can expect.
How combining acoustic resonant sound and infrared technology can put your mind and body at ease.

Listen to podcast.

Below are some highlights of the conversation:

How Can Infrared Benefit Me?

“We want people to be proactive about their health. We want people to use our products to empower themselves to take control of their wellness, be healthier, and not have to worry about getting sick – and then treating it.”

“By filtering out all that hot air and convectional heat, you are focusing on getting 100% of the most therapeutic rays.”

Increased Energy and Weight Loss

“You’ll notice your head getting clearer, your mind gets better, your skin responds faster because it’s detoxing at a faster and deeper level. You’ll notice that you’ll have more energy, you won’t be drained, and you’ll sweat faster.”

“Overall, one of my favorite benefits is in the improved quality of sleep.”

Healthy Heart and Pain Relief

“The heart is going to not have to work as hard because of the increase in cardiovascular conditioning that Sunlighten offers the body. Other benefits are weight loss, a reduction in waist circumference, and removal of toxic elements in the body.”

“You can deliver some really powerful results to the body, specifically for inflammation, for skin, for weight loss, and cardiovascular benefits.”

Healthy Skin and A Healthy Mind

“For wounds, scars, or fine lines, it accelerates the turnover. So it’s really great for getting that youthful glow appearance; it’s also really good for inflammation at the surface.”

“Acoustic resonant sound combines sound and vibration together, and when you take the sound and vibration and you put it inside a Sunlighten healing heat environment it provides this wonderful synergistic healing effect where your brain disengages and eliminates that mind chatter. So it really expedites the healing experience.”


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