Rethinking How We Incorporate Wellness & Work

Wellness activities are no longer luxuries or something we do before or after work. As we see the light at the end of the tunnel with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s one thing we can all feel good about: it seems we no longer have to feel guilty about taking care of ourselves while we work. Both employees and employers now expect it. Earlier this year, Deloitte declared the end of “work-life balance.”[1] Salesforce declared the end of the 9-to-5 workday.[2] Microsoft Japan embraced a 4-day work week boasting a 40% productivity increase.[3] According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report, “Well-being was …

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Back to the Basics: Why We Should Eat Like Our Ancestors

About 2.5 million years ago, humans were evolving anatomically and physiologically, adapting to climate change, learning to use stone tools, and cooking meat using fire. Our ancestors literally ate to live—they didn’t live to eat. Their diets consisted of fundamental foods they could find nearby—vegetables, fruits, meat (wild game), seafood, and water. For centuries, humans thrived on this type of diet, hunting and gathering the plants, fruits, and small game available. But with the advent of the industrial revolution, diets began to morph into something unrecognizable to our Paleolithic ancestors. We started to eat ultra-processed, low-cost, readily available foods—think cakes, …

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Five Health & Wellness Trends In 2021

Hi friends! Did 2020 do a number on you? Can we do a quick reframe? Perhaps the past year’s trials and tribulations could serve as forced implementation of mindfulness practices, coupled with a newfound appreciation of holistic stress-relieving techniques. (I’m looking at you red light therapy, blue-light blocking glasses, and Wim Hof breathing!) With all we’ve learned from these challenging months – coupled with the promise of a new day – here are five health and wellness trends we can look for in the many horizons of 2021. Vitamin D We’ve known for a while that Vitamin D – which …

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Feel Prideful During Pride Month

Everyone wants to feel included; everyone wants to feel normal. Sometimes fitting in is the easiest route but man, I wasn’t made to fit in. Hello! My name is Sam Gegen and I am a very PROUD and PRIDEFUL Sunlighten Team member that has been with the company and more importantly, family, for almost six years. Throughout my journey I struggled with accepting my identity and also with addiction. During Pride month, it makes me extremely grateful to have recognized this and continue to work on it while being the voice for so many who are struggling either with addiction …

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