How to Self-Care This Winter

December is National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. With the dangers that can accompany high blood pressure, like kidney failure, stroke and heart disease, this month is an important time to reflect on your well-being and look after your health. While high blood pressure can be caused by unavoidable things like genetics or other illnesses, other common contributors like high stress and poor diet can be managed, and sometimes avoided, with self-care. Self-care’s relaxing and meditative qualities can lower your blood pressure, ease your stress and ultimately improve your sense of well-being.  At Sunlighten, we work to encourage others to …

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How Muscles Grow During Sleep

Everyone has bumbled through a day at work because of a poor night’s sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep does more than making your eyelids droop. It affects all aspects of your health from your blood pressure to appetite. When you’re trying to build a healthy lifestyle and improve your physique, lack of sleep can get in the way of building muscle. Are you amongst those who put off getting the rest they need? Maybe it’s binge-watching Netflix or scrolling through social media late into the night. You may have good reasons like work obligations or a full family schedule. You …

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Sleep Cave Hacks – 8 Ways To Sleep Easy

Sleep can be an elusive trickster. Just about in the snore zone, and the sleep transition moment slips through your fingers like sand. You find yourself staring at the ceiling. For many, it is our brains that are the pesky bedmate. The moment we lie down our brains start one long run-on sentence.  “Wanna think about stuff? Did you call the electrician? What if you don’t remember in the morning? Do we need apples? What are Catskills?” Not being able to fall asleep is frustrating, and lack of sleep can negatively affect our health in dozens of ways. Anxiety, depression, …

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