How to Self-Care This Winter

December is National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. With the dangers that can accompany high blood pressure, like kidney failure, stroke and heart disease, this month is an important time to reflect on your well-being and look after your health. While high blood pressure can be caused by unavoidable things like genetics or other illnesses, other common contributors like high stress and poor diet can be managed, and sometimes avoided, with self-care. Self-care’s relaxing and meditative qualities can lower your blood pressure, ease your stress and ultimately improve your sense of well-being.  At Sunlighten, we work to encourage others to …

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9 Natural Stress Management Techniques

It seems like every health article you ever read mentions stress reduction as a critical factor to better health. Easier said than done though, right? Unless you have a massage therapist at your beck and call or the ability to completely remove yourself from stress-inducing situations, stress is likely to find you on a weekly or even daily basis. So next time deadlines are looming, the children are screaming or life just seems too crazy to comprehend, try one of these natural stress management techniques to help keep calm and carry on with your life. Mindfulness Mindfulness is about living …

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The Health Benefits of Meditation

Many people believe the only purpose of meditation is to relieve stress. But in reality, the practice actually offers a variety of additional mental and physical health benefits that go far beyond relaxing during times of anxiety. Understanding what meditation is and how it affects wellness are key factors to consider before learning how to meditate. What Exactly is Meditation? Meditation is a mind and body practice long associated with increased calmness, physical relaxation, coping with illnesses, enhanced psychological balance and overall well-being. There are many types of meditation, but each usually contains four elements: A quiet area with minimal …

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Celebrate Men’s Health with Sauna Stress Relief

Father’s Day is a great reminder to take some time out to pamper the men in our lives. And with men’s health issues becoming a growing concern in the U.S., it’s even more important for men to set aside time to exercise, eat right and manage their stress. Because men tend to internalize their stressors, stress and stress-related illness is of great concern, according to the WebMD article, Admit It Men, You’re Stressed.’s Stress Management Health Center goes on to explain that “Ongoing, chronic stress…can cause or exacerbate many serious health problems,” ranging from depression to sexual dysfunction to high blood …

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Stressed Out? Why You Need Massage & Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

If the New York Times says it’s so, then it’s so. Right?! 😉 We came across an article in the New York Times last week about massage that was quite interesting – mostly because it echoed a lot of what we here at Sunlighten know about the health and stress relief benefits of infrared saunas. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles conducted a study of 53 healthy adults. Twenty-nine of them were given a 45-minute session of deep-tissue Swedish massage; the other 24 received a light massage. Blood samples were taken immediately before the massage and up to …

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