Celebrate Men’s Health with Sauna Stress Relief

Relieving stress in a Sunlighten saunaFather’s Day is a great reminder to take some time out to pamper the men in our lives. And with men’s health issues becoming a growing concern in the U.S., it’s even more important for men to set aside time to exercise, eat right and manage their stress.

Because men tend to internalize their stressors, stress and stress-related illness is of great concern, according to the WebMD article, Admit It Men, You’re Stressed. Webmd.com’s Stress Management Health Center goes on to explain that “Ongoing, chronic stress…can cause or exacerbate many serious health problems,” ranging from depression to sexual dysfunction to high blood pressure and even heart attacks.

The important thing for men to do to take charge of their own health is to ensure they find ways to cope with stress. Fortunately, Men’s Health magazine recently featured a great article outlining 52 Ways to Chase Away Stress.

We particularly loved number 10, which encourages men to relieve stress in the sauna: “In an Oklahoma State University study, those who combined sauna use with group counseling had greater stress relief, feelings of relaxation, and sense of accomplishment…”

Those of us who already live by those words agree! In fact, we encourage you to learn more about the health benefits Sunlighten saunas and how they can deeply relax your body, helping to reduce stress.

We also liked stress-buster number 44: Overtraining can actually cause stress. “According to a report in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, excessive training elevates cytokine levels in the blood, which tells the brain to raise cortisol levels, which tells you to freak out!”

Why not follow up your workout with a soothing trip to the sauna? Or better yet, plan sauna time on your rest days in between workouts. Not only will this help men’s stress levels, it may even help regenerate muscle mass, according to a new study we recently posted, released by Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D., in her recently released video, Dr. Patrick shows evidence that infrared sauna use may not only promote enhanced muscle recovery, but may even promote muscle growth over time.

Whether it’s relaxing in an infrared sauna, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, or simply taking a 5-minute “anti-stress” break, we encourage all of the special men in our lives to take charge of your health this June! Happy Father’s Day, one and all!

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