Chronic Fatigue Journey Results in Founding of Sunlighten and Publishing of New Book

Sunlighten was created almost 15 years ago with one distinctive purpose: To perpetuate the shift away from disease treatment and toward disease prevention. Our continuing mission is to educate the public on the numerous and astounding health and detoxification benefits of this revolutionary health care technology.

This mission comes from the very roots of our company, which was founded when Jason Jeffers battled chronic fatigue syndrome and ultimately discovered the benefits of infrared sauna therapy. As he worked with medical doctors and other health care professionals, he quickly realized that what the world calls “health care” is more accurately described as “disease-care.” The focus is on treating symptoms and not preventing illness and disease in the first place.

Jason, all of us at Sunlighten and our many health care partners all agree that nutrition, detoxification and stress-reduction are key components to wellness from a holistic approach. Attention to these key areas support preventative health care in strikingly impactful ways.

Jason’s journey eventually led to the founding of Sunlighten (then known as Sunlight Saunas). Today, Jason is healthy, full of energy and enjoying life.  He is now a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, author, artist and inspirational speaker. His sister and brother-in-law Connie and Aaron Zack run the company today and continue his mission.

While the Sunlighten-portion of Jason’s journey related largely to his physical well-being, he recognizes there are mental, emotional and spiritual components to wellness as well. He has recently written The Next Human: A Guide to Personal and Collective Evolution. The book is a “how-to” for awakening and healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self in an increasingly complicated world.

We’d love to see people get the word out about Jason’s new book and his approach to total wellness. He has started an Indiegogo project to help kickstart the marketing and promotion of The Next Human book. Check it out! There are some terrific “perks” in addition to the book itself.

Just think: A copy of The Next Human, soothing music, SO Sound vibrations and a great, relaxing sweat in your Sunlighten infrared sauna. What could be better?

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