How to Clean Your Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

cleaning kit One of the questions that many customers ask our team here at Sunlighten is “How the heck do I clean my infrared sauna?” We’ve always had good tips and tricks – such as, be sure to clean the sauna when it is cool and leave the door open until it is completely dry to avoid streaks on the glass. But we now offer our own natural cleaners are made specifically for use within your Sunlighten infrared sauna.

The new infrared sauna cleaning kit has been formulated from the latest and safest technologies available and contains no solvents, sulfates, glycols, or phthalates.

Many wood and other cleaners leave stains or wet spots on the untreated wood within the sauna. Our new wood cleaner doesn’t do that. It’s is gentle but very effective. And, of course, it’s made of all natural ingredients (natural plant-based surfactants and natural spring water) and is completely non-toxic. Always safe.

In addition to the wood cleaner (which comes in a concentrate that will make 16 gallons – that will last a LONG time!), our cleaning kit also contains a bottle of natural glass cleaner. (And our original tip about cleaning cool and leaving the door open for no streaks still applies.)

The natural glass cleaner contains natural surfactants composed of Glucoside (sugar) from U.S. corn, Cocoyl Amide (coconut), palm fatty acids, natural spring water, natural lemon fragrance, vinegar and may include food grade color.

You will also get a fine sanding sponge and 2 microfiber cloths as part of the kit.

As always, we highly recommend that you use our Spungi microfiber towels and wraps while using your Sunlighten infrared sauna to help keep it clean and dry as you sweat that deep, invigorating sweat you love! Place your super-absorbent Spungi towels on the bench, backrest and floor every time you sauna, and your sweat shouldn’t stain the wood. If a stain were to occur over time, you can use the fine grained sanding sponge to buff the spot out.

To check out all of our sauna enhancements and accessories, check out our website or call your Sunlighten sales associate.

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