Comparing Infrared Saunas

If you’re like most people these days, you do some research before making an important purchase. That’s certainly true of the people our sales associates talk with every day. They want to know not only if they’re getting a quality product in terms of design and construction but also if they’re choosing the best available technology that will afford them the most health benefits.

As potential infrared sauna owners work through the purchasing process, it’s not uncommon for them to compare Sunlighten infared saunas to others on the market. It’s important, when comparing saunas, to make sure that (1) you’ve got accurate information, (2) you’re comparing appropriate information (apples to apples, not apples to oranges) and (3) the information you’re reviewing is the most important information for health purposes.

1. mPulse full spectrum infrared sauna. When we launched this innovative sauna several years ago, it was remarkable for two reasons. First, it was the only customizable full spectrum infrared sauna on the market. Still is. Second, the sleek, modern design was like nothing else offered at the time. The exterior look of the mPulse has been copied since our award-winning launch but the quality and the full spectrum technology remain unmatched. If you’re comparing the mPulse to a sauna that resembles the mPulse, be sure to ask questions about the other sauna’s heater (it’s likely only a far infrared heater) and its construction.

All the details you’ll need on the mPulse are available on our website.

signature 4 cottonwood sauna sm 300x252 2. Construction matters. Check out how that other sauna is made. Cheap saunas are made with low-end materials, are less effective for health benefits and can lead to costly repairs or replacement down the road.  For example, hemlock, spruce and pine are low cost options for sauna manufacturers. They are inexpensive due to knots in the wood and thinner planks are used which makes the cabin less durable. Saunas made from quality wood such as eucalyptus, basswood or cedar will stand up over time.

But most importantly, if you are buying an infrared sauna for health benefits, cheaper is not better. Most low-end saunas are less than 70% efficient at producing infrared heat. If you purchase an infrared space heater, you don’t expect health benefits from it. The same goes for low-end infrared saunas. Look for proven emissivity of 95% and above. VIEW SUNLIGHTEN EMISSIVITY DATA.

3. Learn all you can about the heater in each sauna you’re comparing. Some salespeople for other companies may suggest that a blend of ceramic and carbon infrared heaters are better than carbon alone, that the blend provides an “extra burst” of infrared heat. However, carbon heaters, like Sunlighten’s Solocarbon full spectrum and far infrared heaters, emit infrared wavelengths at a more constant temperature through large panels creating an even distribution of comforting heat throughout the sauna.

Ceramic heaters were the first type of infrared sauna heaters available, though are no longer the technology of choice. Ceramic elements emit heat at very high temperatures in a condensed area and are unsafe to touch. The myth that a carbon/ceramic blend provides an extra punch or is more effective is simply not true. Here at Sunlighten, we tested the concept years ago and found no advantage to blending the materials.  Hotter is not always better – with hotter temperatures you will spend less time in the sauna, making your sessions less effective. What truly matters is how effective the heaters are at conducting infrared heat! Always ask for emissivity data before purchasing.  VIEW SUNLIGHTEN EMISSIVITY DATA.

solo system sauna sm 4. Have we mentioned the importance of emissivity yet? Not all far infrared saunas are equal – they may look similar but some are simply hot boxes. You will want to confirm 1 of 2 things – core temperature increase and emissivity. Sunlighten’s heating technology has been proven to raise core body temperature by two to three degrees. Rather than simply heating the ambient air to draw out toxins, far infrared should heat your core to expel them. VIEW STUDY. As a result, you will get a truly deep, productive sweat where toxins reside, at the cellular level.  Secondly, if an infrared sauna is only emitting heat that is 50% infrared and 50% hot air, you will not get an increase in core temperature or the benefits of detoxification.

At Sunlighten, we control every step of the research, design and manufacture of our unique infrared saunas. Because of this oversight, we are confident that our infrared saunas are the most efficiently designed, the best constructed and the most scientifically-supported infrared saunas on the market today.

Overwhelmed at trying to compare infrared saunas? Our team is always happy to answer your questions at 1-877-292-0020.

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