Detoxifying Your Home

cleaning supplies that are not natural Here at Sunlighten, we talk a lot about detoxifying your body (with the help of our infrared saunas) but it’s also important to think about detoxifying your home The chemicals in many household products, pet care products, lawn care products and even beauty products may have a consistently negative effect on your family’s health.

Obviously, each home and family is different. Everyone’s tolerance of household chemicals (many of which you’re probably unaware of) varies according to genetics, history, nutrition and other health issues. But, in general, indoor air is much more polluted that what we breathe outdoors. Insulation, weatherproofing and carpet trap stale air and toxins inside our homes – all while doing their jobs to keep us warm and cozy.

So, what can you do to put your home through detox – while still keeping our homes, pets, yards and bodies clean and presentable?

A few ideas from us

1. Take a cue from Asia and leave your shoes at the door. Most household dirt, dust and toxins comes in on the bottom of your shoes and then gets trapped in your carpet.

2. Switch from old-school cleaning products to “green” cleaners that don’t contain a laundry list of chemicals. Or, better yet, use your great-grandmother’s stand-bys of water, vinegar and baking soda for many of your household cleaning jobs.

3. Replace your lotions, hair products, deodorants and other personal care products with all-natural, chemical-free options. These items can be loaded with unnecessary chemicals.

4. Put your air freshener sprays away. Ventilate by leaving doors and windows open if possible. Detoxify the air with live plants (yes, ones that actually need water and sunlight!).

5. Clean more often (easier said than done, right?!). Mop your floors and vacuum with a HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner at least once a week to keep dust levels down.

6. Limit unnecessary plastics in the kitchen and elsewhere in your home. Educate yourself about Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phtalates, both of which can be found in some plastics and both of which have been linked to health problems. Avoid plastic food packaging as much as possible.

7. Similarly, read up on the possible health effects of nonstick cooking surfaces. Think about avoiding or limiting your use of nonstick pans, pots, bakeware and utensils. (The same health concerns are present for chemically stain-guarded clothing, furniture and carpet, by the way.)

8. Use a water filter to keep hundreds of chemicals out of your drinking water.

9. Keep an eye out for mold and mildew. Check your sinks and basement regularly for any leaks that might create a mold/mildew-friendly environment. Be sure to properly ventilate your bathrooms to discourage moisture retention for the same reasons.

10. Natural fibers like wool and cotton are always best – in clothing as well as floor coverings. Ditch your synthetic carpet and rugs for natural fibers. Or, better yet, go with hardwood or tile to avoid trapping dust and toxins in carpet fibers.

11. Pet care and lawn care products are going increasingly green. Inspect your current products to see what can be replaced with more natural, less chemical products.

12.  Rethink your dry cleaner. Find one that uses “wet cleaning” or other non-petroleum solvent-based methods. Also, ask your cleaner to skip the plastic wrap over your clothes (the plastic traps the dry cleaning chemicals on your clothes and in your house).

13. Have your home checked for carbon monoxide and radon.

14. Use low VOC latex paints. Available at most paint and hardware stores these days.

And there you have it. A few simple ideas to make your home a bit more healthy – none of them are terribly difficult to implement (except maybe, ripping out your carpet).

Have any other easily-implemented ideas for detoxifying and “greening” up your home? Leave them in the comments!

And, if you’d like to learn more about how Sunlighten infrared saunas can help you detoxify your body, take a look at the detox benefits page on the Sunlighten website – or contact one of our sales associates.

*Photo via BrittneyBush on Flickr

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