“The Doctors” Update: Sunlighten Sauna Appears Today!

Yesterday, we told you that Sunlighten’s mPulse infrared sauna would appear on The Doctors television show either today or next Monday. Looks like it’s going to be today, January 27th!

Sunlighten’s revolutionary new mPulse™ infrared sauna series is the FIRST ever to feature full-spectrum infrared heaters. Consumers control the settings, from near-infrared (for pain relief and skin rejuvenation), to mid-infrared (for weight loss and improved circulation), to far infrared (which reduces blood pressure and is whole-body detoxifying).

The mPulse™ sauna series by Sunlighten™ also is the FIRST to include a biofeedback monitor programmed to wirelessly measure and send heart rate and calories burned into a wellness website for personal use.

On a show dedicated to the health benefits of heat, The Doctors will demonstrate the amazing health benefits of an mPulse™ sauna on-air, tracking health goals (such as heart rate and calories burned) of individuals in the sauna in real time.

The Doctors chose to feature the infrared saunas from Sunlighten™, because they are the only saunas clinically shown (in a study done at the University of Missouri, Kansas City) to lower blood pressure. Additionally, The Journal of American College of Cardiology reports that infrared sauna treatments significantly increase circulation, improve heart health, and aid in weight loss. As calculated by the increase in heart rate, a 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn 200-600 calories.

We are so excited to watch today’s show! Hope you will too – check your local listings to find out when it will air in your area.

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