Dr. Michele Olson’s Infrared Sauna Research in the Spotlight

We’ve been touting the results of Dr. Michelle Olson’s recent study (Michele Olson, PhD, a principal researcher at the Auburn University Montgomery Kinesiology Laboratory); in which she concluded that stretching in full spectrum infrared saunas led to a 205% improvement in flexibility.  Furthermore, it was noted that the more deeply penetrated the heat, the better one’s flexibility will be.

Prevention Magazine is telling the world about the amazing results of Dr. Olson’s study, in their January 2014 issue! In a nutshell, Dr. Olson asked 12 volunteers to relax in the sauna for 10 -15 minutes, and then instructed them to perform some basic stretches in the sauna.  She compared the results of those same 12 people that performed the same stretches in a typical gym environment after a 10-15 minute relaxation period.  The results were a night and day difference.

Stretching in the infrared sauna resulted in a 205% increase in flexibility!

Sunlighten’s mPulse® Series offers five full spectrum infrared sauna models:  aSPIRE, bELIEVE, cONQUER, dISCOVER and eMPOWER. Each sauna features effective smart technology that is customizable to individual needs with trackable results. These aren’t simply home saunas, they are wellness tools that provide feedback and are adaptable to your health needs over time.

The mPulse Infrared Sauna by Sunlighten Saunas

*image:  mPulse cONQUER Infrared Sauna

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