Dr. Michelle Robin Endorses Sunlighten Infrared Saunas in Her New Book

We just love it when our smart friends write smart books. And we REALLY love it when our smart friends’ smart books give Sunlighten a shout-out! That’s exactly the situation with Dr. Michelle Robin’s Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life.

Dr Michelle RobinDr. Robin is the chief wellness officer and founder of Your Wellness Connection, one of the nation’s most successful healing centers. She focuses on integrative healing disciplines such as chiropractic, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, functional medicine, counseling, nutritional and wellness coaching, and movement arts.

She recommends creating a personalize wellness plan, giving attention to four areas of wellness:

  • Mechanical – physical or structural body including bones, muscles, tissue and nervous system
  • Chemical – body chemistry
  • Energetic –life energy, chi
  • Psychological / Spiritual – connection to higher power, emotions, personal mission

Dr. Robin believes that the mechanical wellness quadrant is enhanced with chiropractic, massage therapy, body movement and exercise, stretching and proper sleep posture. The chemical quadrant is enhanced with a whole foods diet, high nutritional intake from food and quality supplementation, adequate hydration, daily fish oil and high protein breakfast. It is negatively impacted by processed foods, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, environmental toxins, caffeine and excessive alcohol. (And this is where infrared saunas come in!)

The energetic quadrant is enhanced with acupuncture, energy work, peaceful alone time, organized living spaces, laughing, dancing and time in nature but is negatively impacted by cluttered living and working spaces, energy drains, and excessive electronic usage. The psychological quadrant is enhanced by counseling and coaching, self-love, fulfilling relationships, balance of work and play, gratitude, and meditation. (Saunas are pretty great for this relaxation part too!)

robin book 195x300 In her new book Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life, Dr. Robin provides a guide for people to learn how to harness your inner voice as you practice seven essential habits for complete well-being – regardless of your financial condition. It includes real stories from real people who have these practices and seen their health dramatically improve. She even includes tips at the end of each chapter to help readers create a lifestyle that leads to a phenomenal experience of body, mind and spirit.

And, Sunlighten infrared saunas are part of Dr. Robin’s recommendations on how to detoxify the body. As an owner of one of our Signature Luxury models, she knows how well our saunas fit into a comprehensive wellness plan. A big THANK YOU to Dr. Robin for mentioning us in her book and for the many referrals she has sent our way over the years!

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