From Everyday Aches to Cancer – True Stories of Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Users

One of our favorite parts of working at Sunlighten is hearing from you, our customers. Whether you have found Sunlighten Saunas to be a life-changing alternative to traditional medicine, or simply use our saunas for relaxation, we are always thrilled to hear your stories.

Our business is based on a few simple truths and the wonderful customers we serve every day. That’s why we are dedicating this post to you. We’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the unforgettable stories we’ve heard throughout the year. Thank you so much for sharing your personal journeys with us!

WOW! A company that actually does what their brochures say they will do. We bought this sauna both to help my wife with her Lyme disease and to help me with high blood pressure and weight problems. We recommend any of the Sunlighten saunas without reservation.”

– Wayne Brunelle, Valued Customer

infrared sauna customer stories “I am one of those rare folks with EMF sensitivity. I bought a sauna from Sunlighten in 2012, but this was before anyone took the EMF issue seriously. I contacted Yvette at Sunlighten and she was a pleasure to work with. I told her my story and she took the extra step of shipping my new low-EMF sauna to her headquarters and testing it for EMF before sending it to me. I got what I wanted: a super low-EMF sauna! I am stoked, and now I am doing infrared sauna therapy twice a day for 30 minutes and feeling better in only one week!

Tobin R., Valued Customer

I not only enjoy it for how it helps the everyday aches and pains, but also for the ‘me’ time I get. After using the Solo, I feel healthier I’ve also lost weight. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle. Needless to say, I am sold.”

Debbie O., Valued Customer

“In October, 2008, I was stricken with a heart attack, which resulted in 9 days of ICU residency. Since returning home, the Sunlighten sauna has been one of the major factors in what can only be called a near miraculous recovery.”

– Conrad and Aniko Adelman, Valued Customers

“I think we are addicted! We are both sleeping better already, our skin feels softer and we are looking forward to other benefits as well!  Our salesperson Wendi Skilling was a joy to work with.”

Gina H., Valued Customer

“I LOVE my Solo Spa! The Solo Spa I purchased from you has been a very powerful treatment protocol for me in treating my cancer. After researching a lot of different saunas and looking at the suggestions of others, I chose the Solo Spa. The features were everything I needed: compact, lightweight and powerful. I ordered it and for the first 50 days I used it every day. Now, I use it almost every other day. I am very happy to report that my cancer is under control with the doctor allowing me to use the word ‘REMISSION!’”

Neil Schultz, Valued Customer

Again, we love hearing your stories of hope, help and sometimes just plain old stress relief. Please share your stories below – we can’t wait to hear how Sunlighten Saunas have helped you!

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