The Future of Infrared Saunas Is Here

Sunlighten Introduces the Android-Powered Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Introducing the first and only Android-powered full spectrum infrared sauna!Sunlighten is proud to introduce the world’s first and ONLY Android-powered line of smart saunas to offer full spectrum (near, mid and far) infrared technology! Our new Android control panel can customize every sauna session, specifically to your health goals. So whether you or your clients use Sunlighten Saunas for weight loss, detoxification, heart health, pain relief or other health-related factors, our new smart saunas will help track results!

As many of our readers know, our revolutionary mPulse® series features the world’s only controllable full spectrum infrared heater – Solocarbon® Full Spectrum. And now, thanks to our new Android tablet control panel, users can control the setting ranging from near infrared light which aids in pain and muscle relief, to mid infrared light which assists in fat burning and weight loss, to far infrared light that deepens the core sweat and is whole-body detoxifying.

The new Android control panel gives mPulse users more capabilities including easy touch dials to adjust heater settings, interactive preset wellness programs and health tracking that wirelessly captures biofeedback such as heart rate and calories burned. The control panel can easily be updated via WiFi or USB drive so users always have the latest technology at their fingertips.

For our commercial customers, future updates include a feature that will allow businesses to control the sauna from a web browser or smart phone.

In our quest to help all Sunlighten Sauna users obtain maximum health benefits, we offer an exclusive online wellness community using biofeedback tools that allow you to track heart rate and calories burned during each sauna session. That data can now be sent wirelessly from the Android control panel to a personal wellness website at Designed to help you achieve your wellness goals with daily guidance, enables you to track sauna sessions and cardiovascular activity, connect with other Sunlighten users, follow fitness plans with easy how-to-videos, plan meals and get nutrition advice and access free advice from Sunlighten wellness coaches.

We’re excited the new Android control panel for our Sunlighten saunas can help make achieving good health that much easier! Connect with us to learn more about our Android-powered line of smart saunas at 877-292-0020.

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