Infrared Sauna Testimonial and Sunlighten in the News

Our friends at Infrasweat in Delray Beach, Florida are at it again! Infrasweat owner Kelly Dorsey and their client David Munoz were featured on a local news segment on infrared sauna benefits earlier this week.

Thought you’d like to take a look and how and why David is a big fan of infrared therapy (and, yes, that’s a Sunlighten mPulse in the segment!):

Transcript of the news segment:

WPBF: David Munoz in now in his 50s. He wanted to start taking care of body now to ensure his later years are healthier.

David Munoz: I have noticed, after my workouts, I was always sore. And I couldn’t work out consistently because of the soreness.

WPBF: David heard about infrared therapy as a way to release toxins and help to recover post work out.

Kelly Dorsey: It’s the same concept as a traditional sauna but a little different. With infrared, you heat human tissue directly. So you take the heat lower. In a traditional sauna, you have to heat the air and then the air has to heat you. It’s 180 to 200. Infrared is about 120 to 150 degrees.

WPBF: Here is how it works. You step into one of the saunas. Heat release out of the black side panel similar to premature babies in the neonatal unit. It’s a dry heat with no UV rays. The invisible spectrum of sun’s light.

Kelly Dorsey: In a traditional sauna, you release about 3% toxins with infrared, you’re said to release 20% toxins. The reason being is that it causes a slight vibration in the body and allows for you to break up toxic fat globules in your fat cells.

WPBF: According to Kelly, her customers have said that infrared helps with joint pain, reduces medication needs, relieves stress and helps with weight loss. You can burn between 200 and 700 calories in one session. David, who stretches during his 40 minute sessions, said besides helping with soreness he has seen another positive side effect.

David Munoz: I’m kind of an imsomiac. So I don’t sleep that well. And what I’ve noticed is the days that I come here, I tend to sleep probably a couple hours earlier and through the night.

WPBF: Another aspect of infrared is the light therapy.

Kelly Dorsey: A range of different colors that adjust body vibrations to help different parts of your body. You can turn it on any color but the blue light this affects the circlulatory system.

WPBF: It may be just another fad but its popularity has grown. Even Dr. Oz endorses it. A quick search on YouTube and we found Dr. Oz endorsing infrared therapy on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Kelly Dorsey: People are really catching on and seeing benefit. They don’t look for the magic pill. There isn’t one. They try to help themselves. And they don’t necessarily want to go to doctor all the time to do it.

David Munoz: It helps my sleeping. Definitely helps my recovery. I noticed i just feel healthier.

WPBF: If you wonder about price one session at Infrasweat in Delray Beach can range from $10 to $30 depending on what membership or session package you purchase. Each session is 40 minutes long and as far as how many times you should do infrared sauna? 3 times a week is recommended.

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