Infrared Saunas and Chiropractic: A Perfect Fit

women in sauna DSCO1540 October is National Chiropractic Health Month. And we couldn’t be more pleased for the excuse to talk about our chiropractor friends and partners. At Sunlighten, we work with many health care providers, providing infrared saunas for their practices and clinics, and even for their personal use. We work with medical doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, naturopaths, physical therapists, massage therapists and more.

One of the common denominators among all of the health care professionals that we work with is the fact that they all recognize the value in practicing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments. Chiropractors certainly fall into this category. Almost across the board, they seek to help their patients not just with manipulations but also by providing nutrition counseling, exercise recommendations, lifestyle advice and other natural approaches to treating aches and pains that don’t involve drugs or surgery.

Nearly 40% of American adults have tried some form of alternative therapies. Sometimes, these treatments are used in combination with more conventional therapies like medication and surgery; other times, the alternative treatment is used alone. Some of the most popular CAM therapies include acupuncture, Reiki, massage, chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation; herbs and essential oils; meditation; yoga and tai chi and diet-based therapies like macrobiotic diets.

One of our friends, Dr. Michelle Robin, owner of the successful Your Wellness Connection, uses Sunlighten infrared saunas for chronic pain patients at her chiropractic wellness center in suburban Kansas City.

Dr. Robin’s patients often come to her seeking relief from chronic pain. She finds “that using a full-spectrum infrared sauna in my office as part of a treatment plan for pain has contributed to my patients’ pain relief exponentially while also boosting revenue for my practice.”

Dr. Ralph Cardin and Dr. Heather Cardin, two terrific health care practitioners at the Cardin Center for Wellness focus their practice on whole body health, utilizing chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional counseling. The Cardin Center uses a Sunlighten Signature III infrared sauna. They recommend it to their chiropractic patients and also to the skin care clients.

burnett 300x240 Dr. Heather Cardin told us, “We have had the sauna for about a year now. We recommend it to our patients forweight loss and wellness. We use the sauna in conjunction with our HCG and weight loss program and these people average at least 25% more weight loss.” They also have arthritic patients who have benefited from regular infrared sauna use at their Center.

In terms of adding value to their business, the Cardins noted that they offer special pricing for infrared sauna therapy when purchased in packages or in conjunction with other Center therapies and programs. While they offer sessions from 10 to 30 minutes, 90% of all those who use the sauna choose the 30 minute sessions.

Another chiropractor who uses Sunlighten infrared saunas in his practice is Matt Burnett, DC, a leading chiropractic and sports medicine professional and trainer of numerous NFL players and teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dr. Burnett uses Sunlighten’s mPulse full-spectrum infrared sauna as a vital part of pain management, weight control, and critical healing programs for both NFL players and patients of all ages in his popular clinics outside of Pittsburgh.

If you are a chiropractor and are interested in learning more about Sunlighten infrared saunas for your practice, click here for more details.

If you are a chiropractic patient and would like to use a Sunlighten infrared sauna in your chiropractor’s office, please pass our name and website along to your chiropractor! Thanks!

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