Jeremy’s Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Review Video – Part 2

Sunlighten Sauna Customer Review

New Sunlighten infrared sauna owner Jeremy P. recently took delivery of his Signature II model infrared sauna. He was very excited and pleased with his sauna – so much so, that he decided to record a video testimonial to share his Sunlighten sauna review with others. Here is part two of his review – covering the electrical outlet he uses for his Sunlighten sauna and the sauna’s control panel.

Sunlighten Sauna Customer Review – Part 2

Sunlighten infrared saunas customer review


Okay, we got the ceiling in, after making the connections. And it was ready to go. All I did was plug it into my outlet.
I have a dedicated outlet that’s run for this. It’s not a 220. It’s only a 120. But it is 20 amp. They say you can run it on 15 amp but I would do 20 amp if I were you. Just to make sure you’re pulling enough electricity to get this sucker as hot as you want it to go.
On the panel that you see over here, you turn it on. It’s real easy. And right away, it’ll say how many minutes you want to do and how hot. The panel says 150 degrees. So you always set it to that.

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