Jeremy’s Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Review Video – Part 3

Sunlighten Sauna Customer Review

New Sunlighten infrared sauna owner Jeremy P. recently took delivery of his Signature II model infrared sauna. He was very excited and pleased with his sauna – so much so, that he decided to record a video testimonial to share his Sunlighten sauna review with others. Here is part three of his review – covering the design, interior dimensions and glass door quality in the Sunlighten Signature sauna.

Sunlighten Sauna Customer Review – Part 3

Sunlighten infrared saunas customer review


Just a couple other things that really sold me on this sauna were the fact that it doesn’t look like all the other saunas out there that are all made in the same factory in China where there’s a door right in the middle, there may or may not be glass on each side, you get in, there’s a seat, the seat has heaters down here, and everything looks exactly the same.

This one is really nice because this seat…well, let me tell you, first of all, this one I believe is 53 inches wide and that width is no joke. I mean, I think the other saunas I was comparing were only 48 inches wide. So, you’ve got a good five inches difference here.

So, if you can see here, I’ve got my handy-dandy backrest. This does not come with the sauna but you can get them pretty much anywhere. You know I can sit here and sit up really easily. Just like that. And I think that’s really great. Because I’m 6’3”. So I’m a pretty tall guy. And so being able to sit like this – I tried to do this in one of the saunas of the competitors, one of the little hemlock ones that are only 48 inches wide, and there was no doing it.

Plus, the seat, the depth of the seat is so much more. I think a lot of the other ones were only 18 inches. This one, I’m pretty sure, is up to 20. You can see there’s plenty of room for you just to sit back. You know, my knees are all the way to the back here. And like I said, I’m a pretty big guy.

So, it’s very, very roomy inside. Much roomier – I actually thought I was going to get it and it was gonna be, I was gonna feel a little cramped – much roomier than I ever would’ve thought. Especially compared to when I sat in some of the other saunas.

The other thing I really liked about it was the glass door. You’ll see it right here. The glass door on this thing makes it look really, really high end. It’s just a different, very clean, spa-look to your sauna. Rather than just a small door with windows on the side. This one just looks way different. And that thing, it’s really heavy. But it’s very good quality and it’s tempered and I just really, really like it.

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