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Practicing office yoga as part of corporate wellness

Corporate wellness programs have been around for years, but it’s been in the last several that they’ve really taken off and become mainstream. With healthcare costs increasingly chipping away at company profits and the health of our nation a continuing concern, organizations are taking notice of their role in employee wellness.


What Is a Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness programs offer incentives to improve health and employee engagement. These take widely varying forms from organization to organization. While one company might make next year’s gym membership free to someone who used it a certain number of days this year, another company might offer a reduction in healthcare premiums in exchange to quitting smoking. Some offer fun perks like free yoga classes and massages on-site. The main idea is to encourage a healthy change in behavior by using financial or other types of incentive.

Why Are Wellness Programs On the Rise

Organizations are increasingly aware that their employees’ well-being affects their bottom line. When employees are sick or absent, productivity declines, affecting the success of the company as a whole. Bottom line aside, it also makes sense from an employee engagement standpoint – healthier employees are often happier employees.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs?

One of the main reasons why organizations opt for a wellness program is to reduce healthcare costs. The few studies conducted on workplace wellness programs have not shown a reduction in healthcare costs.  However, to disregard workplace wellness based on this alone is short-sighted. An overview of the study on points out that small steps matter in changing long-term behavior.  The researches of a recent study on BJ Wholesale Club’s corporate wellness program stated that robust improvements in participants began regular exercise and weight management programs. It is not an easy task to change people’s attitudes and habits when it comes to exercise and healthy eating, and if a workplace program can get employees on the right path, then it is a worthwhile success.[1]  

Other benefits associated with corporate wellness include:

  • Reduction in sick days
  • Life-changing behavior shifts in nutrition and exercise
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved company culture
  • Increase in employee morale
  • Better work-life balance

Nazdar offers a wellness program making them one of Kansas City’s healthiest companies.  We visited them on the Sunlighten Corporate Wellness Tour: 


How Can Companies Encourage Wellness?

Strong wellness programs generally incorporate a variety of angles. Because physical health is so important, many companies focus on exercise, diet and lifestyle choices, such as smoking. Some companies also offer medical screenings and informational sessions. Many chronic diseases are preventable with the right lifestyle, making information crucial to helping employees make better, more informed decisions.

Wellness isn’t just about physical health, however. Many corporate wellness programs focus on mental and financial health as well. Programs to increase serenity and reduce stress are popular and effective. These can range from financial or self-advocacy education to yoga classes and infrared sauna therapy. Fun can also contribute to wellness, so some companies introduce a leisure component to help employees relax.

Sunlighten’s Take on Corporate Wellness

At Sunlighten, we take employee wellness seriously.  Since our inception, owners Connie and Aaron Zack have been focused on providing our associates with the tools for healthy, balanced living.  We provide on-site amenities such as a healthy food program, sauna access and a fitness center. But we also encourage group activities such as afternoon Yoga or stretching, lunchtime walks and volleyball teams. We regularly provide our associates with information on healthy living from some of the best health and wellness experts and offer gift cards and discounts on day spa services.  



That is what Sunlighten is all about.  It is a company that cares and is committed to our associates and committed to providing a better place, not only for the healthy aspect, but the whole body, mind, and spirit.


A Sunlighten sauna can enhance any workplace wellness program.  Contact our corporate accounts team to learn more – 877.292.0020 x5.



[1] Why Workplace Wellness Programs Are Still Valuable. (April 23, 2019).  Retrieved from



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