Meet Your Sunlighten Team

That’s just about all of us up there in that photo! A terrific pic of our current Sunlighten team, here at Sunlighten’s home office in suburban Kansas City (in fact, right in the middle of our showroom).

Are you a current or past Sunlighten customer? Do you spot your sales associate? If you have you worked with Lance, Aaron, Dave, Devin, Jeff, Christy, Erin, Karen, Scott, Tracey, Ryan, Joey, Sarah or Liz, they’re in this photo! (Learn about your salesperson, their background, their families and their thoughts on infrared therapy on the Sales Associates page of our site.)

Our owners Connie and Aaron Zack are there in the front row. (Read a bit more about them in our blog post, Meet Our Owners.)

And all of the other very important people that make this place run on a daily basis. Customer care, marketing, logistics, human resources, front desk, administrative assistants and more! (Even our chef, Leah, is over there on the right. She’s the one in the green apron.)

Sunlighten, the company as a whole and each individual team member, takes its mission very seriously. Our mission? To perpetuate the shift away from disease treatment and towards disease prevention. The future of our health depends on natural, safe and non-toxic methods of healing–such as infrared heat therapy–not merely for whole body care, but as a powerful means of prevention. Our goal is to educate and engage consumers & businesses on the numerous benefits of our clinically-backed health care technology.

We hope that the folks pictured above have been able to engage with and educate you about infrared heat and our infrared saunas. And we haven’t done it yet, give us a call! We’d love to talk with you, to discover your needs and help you reach a decision on how to approach prevention and treatment in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy a few pics of our team away from their desks and in less serious moments!


benefit dinner

KC Wolf visit at Sunlighten

Leah Licasi K C  Wolf

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