mPulse™ Infrared Saunas: Full of Exclusive Features!

mPulse™ infrared saunas mark the next generation in infrared sauna technology!  We first introduced the mPulse and its innovative full spectrum infrared heating technology to the world earlier this year. With the introduction of the mPulse and its many exclusive features, Sunlighten has revolutionized and turned the infrared sauna market on its head.

Most impressive (and unique to Sunlighten) are the totally customizable and interactive metrics and user reporting.  The mPulse™ Series is also superior in its heating technology (the full spectrum of infrared heat is available, depending on your daily needs) and maintains our exceedingly high aesthetic and craftsmanship standards.  It’s no wonder that the mPulse was honored at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in the Health and Wellness category.

mPulse™ infrared saunas are best thought of as a tool for total body wellness and well-being.

Why choose the mPulse?

  • There are 5 different models to meet your specific needs.
  • Each model comes with a 7″ LCD touchscreen and an ergonomic floating bench.
  • These saunas are GREEN, too!  FSC-certified wood, bamboo heater covers and attention to energy efficiency make these the greenest on the market.
  • Customizable and interactive metrics:  the 7″ full color LCD touchscreen can be thought of as your “personal trainer”– you can access one-touch Health Benefits Programs, control the sauna temperature and time and track your bio-metrics.  This is the FIRST sauna to the market featuring an LCD touchscreen!
  • What do we mean by ‘bio-metrics’?  The built-in monitor and biofeedback accessories (Intelli-watch) measure heart rate and calories burned.  Information is transmitted and tracked via our personal wellness website,  This information and tracking will help you develop a plan and stay on track as you work toward your health goals!
  • What about the full spectrum infrared heating technology?  The mPulse™ uses a proprietary blend of wavelengths to more precisely and effectively address health needs.  Our heaters are clinically-backed with unmatched emissivity and infrared power for optimal results.
  • Documented health benefits from infrared sauna use include:  Weight Loss, Detoxification, Blood Pressure Reduction, Pain Reduction and Relaxation.

Can you tell we are EXCITED about these new saunas?!

The mPulse™ Series is a natural progression for Sunlighten–bringing you a host of industry-firsts to focus on YOU– and your overall health, body wellness and well-being. Check in with one of our associates to learn more about these groundbreaking, feature-laden saunas!

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