Need a Little Help in Your Quest to Look & Feel Younger?

bob greene 20 years younger book Want to look and feel younger? How about 20 years younger? Bob Greene has a plan to help you do just that. Have you heard about it?

Bob Greene is one of our favorite health and fitness personalities – and we’re certainly very proud to partner with him and the Best Life/20 Years Younger team. We told you a little about the 20 Years Younger plan a while ago and the more we learn about his plan, the more we love it.

Bob’s 20 Years Younger plan is a practical, science-based plan for looking and feeling your best as you age. The program details easy and effective steps to rebuilding the foundation of youth. The four cornerstones of the program include: a Longevity Promoting Diet; a Wrinkle-Fighting Skin Care Regimen; an Anti-Aging Exercise Plan and a Rejuvenating Sleep Program.

It’s a lifestyle changer, for sure.

The nutrition component provides you with lots of healthy and tasty meal plans. The 20 Years Younger Anti-Aging Eating Plan will guide you to eat more moderately and more nutritiously.

Bob’s plan focuses on nutrition because it is estimated that up to a third of cancer cases, half of heart disease cases and as many as 90 percent of the cases of type 2 diabetes are entirely related to less-than-healthy diets and a person’s body fat. Many societies known for their longevity have traditional diets that are nutrient-rich and far more reasonable in calories.

The exercise component of the plan offers daily workout recommendations (five different types of activity) and video demos. Physical activity does the opposite of aging: It builds up tissue in the body. It helps keep immune cells strong, muscles toned and joints limber.

The skin care component provides guidance on daily morning and evening skin care routines and offers practical advice from a dermatologist.

The sleep component is key to the 20 Years Younger plan. Lack of sleep can increase your risk for several diseases, including obesity, heart disease, stroke and depression. (And it makes you look terrible…)

While you sleep, your body restores bone and muscle, repairs and processes proteins critical to your body, regenerates connections in the brain and consolidates memories and emotions. To stay healthy and youthful, you have to get some good sleep. The plan gives you an 11-point sleep plan and some strategies on getting the sleep you need.

At Sunlighten, we are excited to partner with Bob and the 20 Years Younger program. We believe that our products align perfectly with the goals and tactics of the 20 Years Younger plan. According to Bob, “Sunlighten™ infrared saunas are an excellent enhancement to the 20 Years Younger pillars.  They can be an effective tool for detoxification, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, relaxation and post workout muscle recovery.”

Have you tried the Plan? What do you think?

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