New from Sunlighten! Bamboo Carbon Towels & Wraps

bamboocarbon 5 300x210 Sunlighten is very excited to offer a new product in our online store! Bamboo carbon towels, wraps and bath mats. These eco-friendly towels are the perfect accessory to our Sunlighten infrared saunas and luxurious for everyday bath use.

So, what the heck is Bamboo Carbon?

Bamboo Carbon fiber is made with selected four-year-old bamboo which is air dried, then charred at 800ºC. Ground into fine nano particles, it is added into extruded synthetic fibers to create yarn and then woven into fabric. Don’t worry about texture though! These are oh-so-soft and luxurious as well as highly absorbent.

Because of the structure and composition of bamboo, Bamboo Carbon has a high surface area and a variety of minerals that give the unique attributes of odor absorption, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, excellent absorbency and infrared emission.

Bamboo carbon actually has deodorizing properties as a result of an extremely porous structure and minerals which absorb moisture, prevent bacteria growth, reduce odor and disrupt the spread of germs and fungi.

bamboo carbon sauna mat The towels, wraps and mats come only in a single color. To keep its natural properties, all Bamboo Carbon products are the natural gray color of the fiber. No dyes or bleaches are used.

The Bamboo Carbon products are all machine washable, which will not diminish the effectiveness described above. During the manufacturing process, Bamboo Carbon nano particles are dispersed inside the fibers rather than on their surface. Just wash/dry separately from other items in cold water, using the delicate cycle. Hang to dry if possible (but not required).

To check out more photos and to order, check out the online Sunlighten store!

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