New Sunlighten Review: Massage Therapy Business

business 300x213 Sometimes we wonder if our commercial clients use their saunas even more than their clients do! Whenever we sell a new Sunlighten infrared sauna to a business – like a day spa, fitness club, a massage therapist, a wellness center, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, a physician – we know that their clients and patients will love it and benefit from it. We also know that their businesses will benefit from it. But we LOVE when we hear back from the business owners that THEY are enjoying their saunas too.

This testimonial came back to us from Micah, a massage therapist who owns a healing arts practice in Ohio. Always wonderful to hear from happy customers – residential or commercial.

“I received my sauna on Monday and have used it everyday since Tuesday. It has been really fun to see my body’s ability to sweat! I had no idea of what it was capable. Wednesday I used it with a client who was suffering from a sinus infection. We kept the session short and temperature low, so to not induce heat stroke. Even at the low temperatures she loved the session and reported decreased aching in her body and an increase in ability to breath through her nose. I am excited to use it with more clients soon.”


– Micah R.

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