New Sunlighten Sauna Review: Corina Talks Psoriasis and Muscle Recovery

Corina, a Sunlighten sauna owner, talked with us recently about why she uses her mPulse cONQUER and what results she sees from daily infrared sauna use. She gave this useful Sunlighten sauna review on video to share.

Corina is a busy mom, homeschool teacher and marathon runner (!), so she uses her sauna as a way to relax and get some “me time”. But that’s not the main reason she researched and purchased her Sunlighten sauna, just an added bonus. Corina has psoriasis and after trying every over-the-counter medication and numerous therapies including laser therapy, she decided to try infrared sauna therapy. She tells us that NOTHING works like her sauna. When she uses it an hour a day, she sees no flakes and has no pain in her hands.

As a runner, Corina appreciates the infrared sauna for muscle recovery. She stretches in the sauna, which, according to her, forces her to take the time to really stretch and definitely helps her recovery. She uses the SO Sound Acoustic Resonance Therapy and chromotherapy as well.

Corina tells us that she recommends Sunlighten infrared saunas to everyone. Thanks so much, Corina!

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