“The Next Human” by Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Not many people realize that Sunlighten was founded back in 1999 as the result of a very personal wellness journey – a  journey in which the benefits of infrared sauna therapy played a profound role. Back in 1990, Jason Jeffers, brother of current Sunlighten co-owner Connie Zack, became suddenly overwhelmed with fatigue and was ultimately diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

books element the next human Spinal misalignment and mercury toxicity began to wreak havoc with Jason’s life. He first had eleven mercury-laden amalgams in his mouth replaced with non-toxic composite fillings. He then saw a chiropractor who specialized in Upper Cervical Care to get his spine back into alignment, which in turn helped his nervous and immune systems.

After those initial efforts, Jason worked with a medical doctor to receive chelation therapy to remove toxins from his system. Soon thereafter, Jason discovered the benefits of infrared sauna therapy.

Jason recounts, “I’ll never forget the first time I used an Infrared Sauna. It was so relaxing and tranquil. I felt calm, passive, at peace. After I showered the sweat off my body, I felt cleansed, purified.”

Jason’s journey led to the founding of Sunlighten (then known as Sunlight Saunas). Today, Jason is healthy, full of energy and enjoying life.  He is now a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, author, artist and inspirational speaker.

He has recently written The Next Human: A Guide to Personal and Collective Evolution. Described as “a thorough “how to” manual for anyone who is living less than a fulfilled, happy, healthy life full of loving relationships and a sense of purpose” by best-selling author Karen Kan, M.D., The Next Human inspires personal evolution in a complicated and often overwhelming world landscape.

If part of your personal journey towards wellness is spiritual, The Next Human (and Jason’s follow-up book, coming in 2014, Return of the Goddess: Awakening to the Limitless Powers of a Heart-Based Reality) may be an important and relevant tool for you. Be sure to check it out!

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