Our Official Kansas City Chiefs Red Friday Party!

Sunlighten won an official Red Friday Office Party from the Kansas City Chiefs! Back at the beginning of the football season, our staff (and the staff in our Sunlight Day Spa downstairs), entered to win a party from our local professional football team (American football, for those of you reading this outside of the U.S.).

We showed our spirit and support for the hometown Chiefs and shared our enthusiasm with the team via Facebook and Twitter.

KC Wolf in the office

And we sure got noticed! The Chiefs chose Sunlighten “because of the originality that goes into your ‘Red Friday’ celebration. KC WOLF needs to be pampered along with hanging loose and having fun at work is the kind of party we want to join in on!

KC Wolf visit at Sunlighten

We visited with Chiefs cheerleaders, former Chiefs players and even KC Wolf! Former Chiefs linebacker Anthony Davis and KC Wolf both checked out the working Signature Luxury infrared sauna on our showroom floor (KC Wolf also checked out the relaxation room in the spa, the sales floor, the ping pong table, the fitness center, customer service and the kitchen!).

It was a nice break for everyone at Sunlighten and Sunlight Day Spa, both teams that work very hard. Thanks to the Chiefs for providing us with such a fun party – and to our crew here in the office for taking part!



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