Randy Alvarez & Debbie Siebers Talk Infrared Saunas

Our good friend Randy Alvarez recently talked with the inimitable Debbie Siebers on his Wellness Hour show about infrared saunas. Debbie has been using infrared saunas regularly as of late and is a believer! And, of course, Sunlighten’s own Connie Zack has been a guest on Randy’s Wellness Hour podcast recently.

In the video above (which is nine minutes long but TOTALLY worth the time!), Randy and Debbie talk about infrared heat benefits including stress and fatigue reduction, pain relief, calorie burning, energy boosting, skin clarifying and full body detoxification. Debbie also notes that she appreciates the ability to adjust the temperature, allowing her to ease into the heat. Both Randy and Debbie note that regular infrared sauna use is much more tolerable than traditional sauna use.

Big thanks to Randy and Debbie for spreading the word about the benefits of infrared!

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