Sauna Heaters: Carbon vs. Ceramic on Randy’s Wellness Hour

Sunlighten Saunas owner Aaron Zack visited with Randy Alvarez on Randy’s Wellness Hour program earlier this year for an in-depth conversation about infrared saunas and the benefits of infrared sauna use technologies used in different sauna heaters.

We’ve shared a few other clips from the longer segment previously (you can search “Randy Alvarez” in our search box in the right side bar to check them out or head over to our Sunlighten YouTube channel). In the clip we’re sharing today, Aaron and Randy discuss Sunlighten’s proprietary Solocarbon infrared sauna heaters and the differences between carbon and ceramic infrared heaters in saunas.

Many of our customers become overwhelmed by the options available and diverse sales literature from other manufacturers and retailers. This video cuts through the sales talk and explains exactly why the sauna heaters work differently and why Sunlighten’s Solocarbon sauna heaters are the best in the industry.
As always, Randy had insightful questions on the topic (they might be the same questions you have!).

To learn more, take a look:

Sunlighten on Randy Alvarez’s Wellness Hour – Ceramic vs. Carbon Heaters

Ceramic vs. Carbon Heaters in Infrared Saunas

In case you prefer not to play video audio, below is the transcript of the video.

Randy Alvarez: What type of heating system? I guess there’s carbon and there’s ceramic.

Aaron Zack: So, there’s carbon and then there’s Solocarbon. Solocarbon is our proprietary blend that has the highest emissivity.

RA: What does that mean, emissivity?

AZ: Emissivity equals efficacy.

RA: How deep it goes?

AZ: Not how deep, how much infrared you’re going to receive. Our heaters, Solocarbon, are 95% emissive. Meaning, 95% of the heat that comes off the heater is going to be infrared.

RA: A real ray of infrared, more than just a typical heater.

AZ: Correct. In our mPulse line, our Solocarbon custom spectrum, it’s 99% emissive.

RA: Okay. We were in the green room and I told you my best programs are the ones where people come on and tell the truth. Everyone wants to be politically correct. And I said, “What’s the truth about what we’re talking about today?” Is it all in the heater? Is that what makes your company different? You have better heaters? Is that fair to say?

AZ: With mPulse, it’s the heater which is our special sauce. And it’s the brain that controls everything. For our heaters, it’s all measured on the surface temperature. No other sauna company in the world does that. They just turn the heater on or turn the heater off. We actually have temperature sensors that measure the specific heater that it’s enabling to make sure you’re getting the right wavelength for the program that you desire.

RA: So I hear 95 or 99%. Yours have been tested to be real infrared…

AZ: In the United States by a company called Bruker. So, backing up a little bit, when I first started with Sunlighten, ceramic was the best. It was awesome. It had 95% emissivity but you had these small little heaters. So, ceramic has to get really hot in order for it to heat up a room as it’s small. Solocarbon is much larger so you have a lower surface temperature which emits more infrared and so you’re going to receive more of the “sweat more and feel better” experience.
So, ceramic used to be good but really now is an outdated technology.

RA: I also see looking on the internet that some [infrared saunas] have a combination of carbon and ceramic. Do you think that’s just to cut costs in your opinion?

AZ: No, it’s not to cut costs. Think about it. It would make sense if you put ceramic and carbon together that you’d have the best of both worlds. So, it kinda makes sense but unfortunately when we tested it, Ronald Lewarchik out of Eastern Michigan tested it, and we found that it didn’t increase emissivity. It actually decreased emissivity when you put the two together.

RA: So you have the data. Is that what you should look for in a company, to say what data do you have to prove that your heaters have the wavelength?

AZ: There’s so many companies that say just because they have a carbon heater , they have the same emissivity we do. But we know for a fact that that’s not true. We’ve seen other studies and tests and it’s shown to be around 87% emissive compared to ours which is 95% and 99%.

RA: And what’s the hardest thing as CEO of a company and you run a sales force and 18 different companies, 18 different plus distributors. The public, they think far infrared is far infrared. What’s the toughest thing for you to get across to the public about what you do?

AZ: Not all infrared heaters are the same or created equally. And so, we’ve spent so much time doing the clinical trials, spending the money on R&D so the consumer can have the best and most efficacious product that’s available and then you see lower cost products and companies come into the market, saying that they’re the same thing when they’re not. And haven’t completed their own clinical trials to support their claims.
I think that’s probably one of the more frustrating aspects but what we pride ourselves on is, as a market leader, we do the right thing with high integrity, honor and the rest will work itself out.

RA: And you have endorsements from the biggest name doctors in the world.

AZ: We do.

RA: What about calling for questions? If someone’s watching this and they want to speak with a sales person or associate or whatever? Can they speak to a live person?

AZ: Yea. We have specialists. This is all they do, is talk about infrared and how to answer your questions. So, I encourage any customer or potential individual who’s interested in their health and wellness and taking it to another level, to call in and let us provide a free consultation.

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