Stay Healthy & Warm This Flu and Cold Season

stay healthy and warm this winterFlu and Cold Season is Coming up!

It’s that time of the year again, and with it comes sniffles, coughing, phlegm and more – what fun (said no one ever)!  With it feeling more and more like fall, even though autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, I am setting myself and my family up for success by practicing some flu and cold season prevention.  After all, the best way to treat illness is to prevent it altogether.

In my household, our family practices healthful habits year around – despite being working parents, we eat healthy foods, exercise, drink water regularly and get plenty of rest every night.  But this doesn’t stop us from occasionally falling sick.  We spend a lot of our time in public places like school. daycare, the workplace or out and about in Kansas City running errands.  Things like handrails, money, door knobs and the like all can carry tons of germs on them, leaving our immune systems to take the brunt of it.  And while our immune systems can handle a lot, it is our job to support our immune system the best way we can.  But first, why is there a cold and flu season to begin with?  Why doesn’t it hit us in the summer months?

Why Does The Cold And Flu Season Strike During Cold Months? 

Why is there a flu season at all? How come it affects people more in the winter than in the spring or summer?

The cold and flu season happens in the colder months, and that is all we know, though many experts do hypothesize as to why it happens during this time of the year.  Even the name “influenza” may be a reference to its original Italian name, influenza di freddo, meaning “influence of the cold.”

Some theories include a usual change in lifestyle during the winter months:  more people are indoors and breathing the same air, we aren’t in the sunshine which means less vitamin D absorption, and another popular theory is perhaps the virus survives better in cold dry climates.  So while it is important to keep warm in the winter, we can still take proper precautions to minimize the flu virus’ effect on our families.

Tips to Support Your Immune System for the Flu and Cold Season

  1. Get a flu shot.

In all honesty, I am not a fan of flu shots or shots in general, but I do know several teachers who get them and swear by it.  Teachers who are in schools are surrounding by germs constantly, and are subject to said germs day in and day out.  Those who get the flu shots, however, seem to be eluded to sickness!

  1. Wash your hands..A LOT!

While our family washes their hands before every meal and after using the restroom, we up the anty during flu and cold season.  While some families are fans of hand sanitizer, we prefer the good old-fashioned method of washing our hands with anti-bacterial soap.

  1. Sanitize as much as possible.

I clean and sanitize a lot more during the flu and cold season, and I sanitize everything in sight!  Especially things like phones, laptops, keyboards, door knobs and anything with a handle, I take the time, once or twice a week, to scrub and disinfect my household.  If someone happens to fall ill, I go the extra mile and try to sanitize daily so the rest of my family won’t get sick.

  1. Use herbal remedies and teas.

Echinacea, goldenseal, ginger, vitamin C, honey and lemon are all great ways that support you in flu and cold prevention.  Again, a healthy lifestyle will also go a long way in impeding that nasty virus.  Keep a balanced diet, eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest!

  1. Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Sweating is the body’s safest way to heal and stay healthy.  In a post from our friend and wellness expert, Ann Louise Gittleman, sweating in some ways can be compared to fever—Mother Nature’s emergency healing process. Infrared saunas are an effective tool for just that.  Heating up the body with a far infrared sauna kills microbes and latent viruses.  Plus, it just feels so darn good!  On a cold night after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, I can’t wait to cozy up in my Solo sauna.  It is my little piece of heaven.

I hope you find this helpful in keeping your family healthy and warm this season.

Wishing you the best of wellness this season!

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