Sunlighten Biofeedback Accessories

mpulse biofeedback With the launch of our mPulse full spectrum infrared saunas, Sunlighten also introduced a line of biofeedback accessories. If you own an mPulse sauna – our “smart” infrared sauna – these accessories will wirelessly communicate with the interior control panel of your sauna. If you own one of our original far infrared saunas, these biofeedback accessories can still help you better utilize your sauna as an integral part of your health and fitness program.

Along with our biofeedback accessories, we offer the website and community. The Intelli-Watch and accessories allow you to track your biofeedback information, which wirelessly displays on your watch (and interior control panel of your mPulse infrared sauna). This data is then wirelessly updated and tracked on

Each biofeedback package comes with an Intelli-Watch and a Data Drive. Similar to a thumb drive, the data drive plugs into your computer and wirelessly receives heart rate & calorie expenditure from your sauna and exercise sessions. The Intelli-Watch calculates heart rate, calories burned, length of session, and can be used inside the sauna to communicate with the built-in LCD interface (mPulse models only).

Most of our biofeedback packages also come with a Heart-Rate Monitor, which comfortably straps around your chest to track your heart rate increase while you relax in your Sunlighten sauna. Finally, some packages include a Running Sensor, a digital pedometer that affixes to your shoe and tracks speed and distance when walking or running.

Access to the site comes standard with all bio-feedback accessory packages, and provides you with ongoing tracking of your health goal progress along with health tips and advice. On the site, you can track your daily progress including heart rate and calorie tracking. There is a terrific education center with exercise and nutrition advice in addition to meal planning and wellness tips. You can use the community features to communicate with other MySunlighten users for advice and support in your health and fitness efforts.

We especially like the videos included on – great exercise demonstrations!

If you’re considering one of our biofeedback accessories for yourself or a friend or family member, we highly recommend one of the multi-user packages – allowing more than one user to benefit. The more, the merrier!

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