Sunlighten Catches the Attention of British Newspaper

logo london British newspaper The Independent mentioned Sunlighten (and specifically, the mPulse series) in its House & Home section last week. The article, Full steam Ahead: The sauna has become the latest must-have for pampering at home,discussed both traditional saunas and infrared saunas.

Author Kate Burt reported on the hot trend of home spas in Britain – talking with people who had basic and luxury saunas. One quote in the article really summed up the trend: “There’s been a general trend over the last few years for creating more of a spa-like feel in the home,” Ruth Bell, deputy editor of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine, says. “The desire for relaxation and to get away from the outside world fits in with the need to create a haven in the home. And in particular, a sauna/steam room is a place where you can just be on your own and really get away from it all. And with a one-off outlay rather than an annual membership, it makes financial sense too.”

And, towards the end, in the midst of a paragraph about differing styles of sauna was this little gem of a quote: “You can even get a “smart” sauna: the mPulse series by Sunlighten measures how many calories you’ve burnt, along with tickling your senses with sound and vibration therapy and colour-therapy lighting.” Love it!

Sunlighten is proud to have a distribution network across the globe – you can find our saunas across the world from Australia to Hungary to Britain to Guatemala! Big thanks to The Independent for the mention.

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