Sunlighten (formerly Sunlight Saunas) Customer Reviews!

Sunlighten logoSunlighten is proud and excited to be celebrating its 12th anniversary next month. During our 12 years in business, we have stayed true to our mission of shifting people’s focus away from disease treatment and towards disease prevention.

For over 10 years, we operated as Sunlight Saunas, growing into the most respected name in the infrared sauna industry and a valuable partner to many in the health and wellness community. In late 2009, we became Sunlighten, a nod to our past and peek into our future as we look to apply the powers of infrared heat to products beyond saunas.

We’ve met and helped thousands of people across the world, spreading the word about the powers of infrared heat therapy in the health and wellness industry. This company was founded because of a deeply personal experience with infrared healing and we want to continue to share this experience and those we have helped. When Sunlight Saunas became Sunlighten, we adopted “empowering wellness” as our tagline to embody the company mission.

To help with this mission, we have created an online platform where Sunlighten customers can post their experience with infrared therapy.

A few recent comments we’ve received from real Sunlighten customers:

July 8, 2011 from Fred Masenheimer:

I could not be happier with the outstanding customer service

I had a minor problem with our Sunlighten sauna. We have owned our sauna for about 3 years and it has been maintenance free but recently the interior and the exterior light would begin flashing and the only way to stop it was to pull the plug on the unit. I called customer service who attempted to narrow down the problem by first supplying a new transformer but that did not fix the problem. Next I received a new board but that too did not correct the flashing lights. Then they sent me the control panel and that was the answer. Now my wife and I are back enjoying all the features on our Sunlighten Sauna. I could not be happier with the outstanding customer service I received to repair the problem with our sauna. The technical personnel could not have been more friendly and helpful. I have a large customer care staff at my company and I hope we treat our customers as well as the Sunlighten group treated me.

And then just last week, Dr. Mattie Klare in California said:

To purchase and own a Sunlighten Sauna was the best decision I have made this year. It is great. I had a great experience to purchase it, delivery was perfect, the unit is great quality and my first problem with the unit was solved within 12 hours. One plug just became loose on the roof of the Unit. I was able to use the sauna the same day. Customer care was very friendly, prompt to respond and knowledgable to fix the problem. I have been able to use my sauna on the same day again. Thanks Sunlighten!!!  Highly recommend to others.

If you’d like to read more from our customers, check out Sunlighten Ratings or the Sunlighten Saunas Rock Facebook page!

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