Sunlighten Home Office Hijinks

We live and breathe Sunlighten infrared saunas here at our headquarters in suburban Kansas City. But we do have fun while we work too!

Because of our location, we have a building of Kansas City Chiefs fans (and a few contrarians who insist on supporting teams like the Denver Broncos). So, when the Chiefs put out a call for “Red Friday” at the beginning of the NFL season, we just had to participate!

Every Friday before the Chiefs play (this week is a bye week), our associates break out the RED (which is coincidentally the signature color of the American Heart Association, an organization near and dear to us). Thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos from last week’s Red Friday.

KC Wolf in Sauna

KC Wolf* enjoys a quick infrared sauna break

Chiefs game day

Lance putting together a play

Kansas City Chiefs Sunlighten group picture

The Sunlighten gang!

KC wolf spa day

KC Wolf* getting a rose petal foot soak at Sunlight Day Spa

don’t mess with chiefs fans

A rogue Broncos fan (we kid…we kid…)

Sunlighten fans, we hope no one holds our affinity for the hometown team against us! 😉 Which team is YOUR favorite football team?

*KC Wolf is the official mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs. His appearance here (or, more accurately, the appearance of his head) does not suggest any endorsement or relationship. But we sure think the pictures are fun!

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