Sunlighten in ALL IN Magazine!

We wrote a while back about attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past January. It was great fun and we debuted the mPulse infrared sauna series there. The modern look of the new sauna and the high-tech nature of a health and wellness product caught the eye of several media outlets.

One such outlet was ALL IN magazine. ALL IN is the “world’s leading poker magazine.” Who knew?!

In addition to offering poker tips and strategies, tournament news and interviews with the best professional poker players, ALL IN also features spotlights on new and interesting technologies that its target demographic might enjoy. The mPulse infrared saunas caught the eye of ALL IN at CES for its design, innovative technology and relaxation benefits.

Check out what the spring 2010 issue of ALL IN had to say (click here or on the image below for downloadable PDF image of the article):

ALL IN Magazine - infrared sauna

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