Sunlighten Infrared Sauna on The Doctors!

the doctors 300x192 Woot! We’re so excited! We’re going to be on The Doctors! Well, not us exactly – but one of our infrared saunas! (Too many consecutive exclamation points? Don’t answer that.)

So, here’s the scoop: “How Heat Can Change Your Life” on The Doctors. They’ll be talking about infrared heat therapy and the health benefits of regular infrared sauna use – using our mPulse bELIEVE full-spectrum infrared sauna.

We can’t wait to see it hit the airwaves. Because Hollywood production/network air schedules are sometimes a bit unpredictable, we’re not sure yet if the show will air on Thursday, January 27th or Monday, January 31st! We’re setting our DVRs for both – and we’ll keep you updated!

Meet the Doctors on the Doctors TV Show 300x164 Check your local listings for airtimes in your area – here in Kansas City, we’ll be watching Channel 41 at 2pm and, because we’re so amped up, we’ll probably watch again on Channel 38 at 8pm!

UPDATE: Just got word that this show will air on Thursday, January 27, 2011! Go set your DVRs now!

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