Sunlighten on Randy Alvarez’s Wellness Hour: Infrared Sauna and Weight Loss

Sunlighten Saunas owner Aaron Zack stopped by Randy Alvarez’s Wellness Hour recently for an incredible conversation about infrared saunas. We’ve shared other clips from the longer segment previously (this clip covers the beginnings of Sunlighten saunas) and they’re all worth a watch – this one is about losing weight and lowering blood pressure in a Sunlighten infrared sauna. Lots of terrific information on exactly how this works and even discussion of the scientific studies that have been conducted over the years which relate to infrared saunas and weight loss. As always, Randy had insightful questions on the topic (they might be the same questions you have!).

To learn more, take a look:

Sunlighten on Randy Alvarez’s Wellness Hour – Losing Weight in Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten infrared saunas and Weight Loss

In case you prefer not to play video audio, below is the transcript of the video.

Randy Alvarez: What’s your take on this? I mean, how is it making you lose weight? How is it lowering your blood pressure?

Aaron Zack: Sure. It’s a passive cardiovascular workout. So when you’re sweating, your body is fighting to cool itself down. And when it’s doing that, you’re increasing your circulation, which is helping with your cardiovascular portion and you’re burning calories.

RA: So then, by heating up your body, and you say from the inside out, your body is using energy to cool itself down.

AZ: Correct. You’re cooling yourself down which is burning calories. And what you’re doing is you’re increasing your core body temperature. You’re creating a natural fever within your body that has many, numerous health benefits.

RA: Okay. I’ve looked on your website, knowing you’re coming on the show. People wear like heart rate monitors. Tell me about that.

AZ: Sure. So, with our mPulse technology, we have created a whole wellness site. So you would place a heart rate monitor onto your chest and you can see what your heart rate looks like and how many calories you’re burning and it takes that information and takes it all the way to a wellness website.

RA: Now, depending on who you talk to, some people say – I think it was Dr. Oz – you can burn 600 calories in one hour. On the show The Doctors, Dr. Drew Orton, who’s the plastic surgeon on the show, was sitting in one of the saunas and said you could burn up to 1200 calories in an hour. So, why is it? Is it because your body has to burn a lot of energy to cool itself down?

AZ: Absolutely. Every person is different. Everyone’s experiences will be a little bit different based on your metabolic rate, based on the size, you’ll have a different experience. I think 1200 calories is probably a little on the high side. I think 300 to, upper end would be 600 calories, would be right in the range.

RA: So people do report weight loss.

AZ: Absolutely. It’s great.

RA: Okay. With the blood pressure. That’s the part I’m not getting. Why is it lowering the blood pressure?

AZ: It’s a cardiovascular workout. So when you’re increasing your circulation, you’re increasing blood flow throughout your entire body and that’s great for your cardiovascular health.

RA: So they did a study on that and measured that their blood pressure had…

AZ: Had decreased.

RA: Only like right after the sauna?

AZ: This was after the sauna. Correct. So each user used the sauna for 30 minutes and then after they were done, we took their blood pressure. And it was statistically significant in the reduction of blood pressure.

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