Sunlighten: An A+ Rated, BBB Accredited Business

bbb badge We think most people check us out a bit before buying of our infrared saunas. Maybe via a referral from a friend or health care provider, maybe via Dr. Google. And we sure hope that those customers who are doing their research take a look at our Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation as part of their inquiry.

Sunlighten has been a BBB accredited business since 2004 and has also attained the top possible BBB rating (A+) after a thorough evaluation. We couldn’t be more proud of this designation.

To receive accreditation from BBB, a business is first thoroughly reviewed by BBB and determined to meet BBB standards for integrity and reliability when dealing with customers. An accredited BBB member also signs an agreement with BBB to continue to abide by these standards and to support BBB’s efforts to educate and protect the public.

Sunlighten Customer ServiceSunlighten gives customer service highest priority. The company’s current BBB rating for addressing and resolving customer escalated issues is an A+.

This A+ grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that Sunlighten operates in a trustworthy manner and makes a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filed with BBB. According to its website (, BBB’s rating of a business reflects its opinion about that business based on information found in its historical files and on BBB experience in general.

Sunlighten’s customer service team has worked very hard for many years to maintain a stellar rating with the BBB. Pat O’Halloran (that’s Pat over there on the left) and his team have been around for a long time – and, quite frankly, they’re some of the nicest people we know.

So, if you’re bouncing around the internet checking us out before you decide to buy an infrared sauna, please know that we hope our relationship with you outlasts the sales process. Pat and everyone here at Sunlighten are always around to answer your questions and help you with any problems you might have. The Better Business Bureau thinks we do a good job – and we hope you do too!

The Better Business Bureau offers free reports on businesses. All businesses can be reviewed online at

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