Sunlighten Reviews: Mike M. Loves the mPulse

sunlighten mpulse sauna comparison  We often receive notes from customers that make us smile. Last week, we opened our email to find some correspondence that makes us beam. Customer Mike M. in New York sent this gracious email, after having been very patient during a shipping delay. Mike receive his mPulse custom spectrum infrared sauna and had this to say about the experience and the sauna:

“I promised that if you could address the problems and resolve them that I would write a nice note. So I am delighted to be able to write that everything is working! Yes, I did panic after the sauna arrived so behind schedule and wasn’t working, but now I understand the complexity of your situation. This is not just another mass produced unit with your name slapped on it, and I understand how a combination of high demand and production delays/problems threw you a curve. I must complement you on how you have addressed these challenges, addressing critical customer service demands and improving communication. I could see the changes as they were put into place each time I called. Lucky for you that your customer service reps are so good at how they communicate. Your local service tech for my area was PROMPT and got everything working. I didn’t get to meet him, but I spoke to him over the phone, and he was very helpful.

Now, the sauna. I confess that the gorgeous photos influenced me a lot, and it didn’t disappoint when it arrived and was set up. It’s simply gorgeous, and even more so when the unit was repaired and lit up for the first time. I’m a designer, so that was a big selling point. I appreciate all of the design details. But I wasn’t prepared for how different using the unit would feel from my previous IR unit. The intensity of the IR is discernibly different from my old unit. The heat feels luxurious. Speaking of luxury, I must mention the audio system is fantastic.

All in all, it was a difficult birth, but this baby was worth the wait. Thank you too for the thoughtful accessories–the cleaning supplies and beautiful candles. That kind of thing helps complete the purchase experience and reinforces the feeling that I’ve purchased something high end. Now, if only my BMW dealer would just take some notes from you!”

Michael M.
New York

Thank you so much, Michael – for working with us through the delay and for having faith that the end product would be worth it! And thanks to Aaron and Ella and all of the members of our sales and customer care teams that helped Michael enjoy his mPulse.

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