Sunlighten Sauna Review: Heavy Metal Detox

Sunlighten Day Spa solo system Looking through old files can yield some terrific gems. Loved coming across this Sunlighten sauna review recently. Back in 2006, our customer Pierre purchased a Solo System personal infrared sauna and was kind enough to share his experience with one of our longtime team members, Erin.

Dear Erin,

I am very, very pleased with the sauna, mainly because it has enabled me to achieve the goal I had in mind when I purchased it, which was: to get rid of heavy metals.

As I told you, I had high levels of mercury, lead and aluminum in my body at the time of purchase. After only four months of use of the sauna, these levels went down very significantly. In mid-August 2006, I received my Solo System and used it about every other day. In mid-December, I got new blood tests and could hardly believe it when I got the results.

Here is more precisely what has happened for me (/liter = per liter of blood):

Toxin March December
Lead 33 microgram/liter 18 microgram/liter
Mercury 6.7 microgram/liter < 2 microgram/liter
Aluminum 16.3 microgram/liter 13.3microgram/liter


As you can see, I have to continue in order to eliminate more lead and aluminum, but I am truly delighted with the progress made so far so quickly!

This is for me a great weight off my shoulder to have been able to achieve such fantastic results in such a small amount of time thanks to your sauna. One of the great advantages of the sauna for me is that is spares the kidney in the detoxification process.

I believe and feel that my body is way healthier and now the blood tests are here to prove it.

Best regards,

Pierre C.

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