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Sunlighten Sauna Review – Part 2: Overall Experience

Sunlighten customer, Kyle Lasota, recently posted his Sunlighten sauna review on Youtube.  He shares what he likes, what he doesn’t and what you should consider when you purchase.  In this video, Kyle gives a comprehensive review of his mPulse Conquer sauna.

Sauna assembly process [2:09]

“When the sauna actually arrived and when we were putting it together, I’m not going to lie, there was some challenges, and challenges that I didn’t expect. So for the ease of actually putting it together, I think there could be some improvements. It’s not anything huge. It’s just some little things that weren’t very clear in the instructions. If you have this sauna or if you’re interested in it, I will also link up a video that I made about how we assembled the sauna, and it can show you like what are the things that we got hung up on that actually ended up taking a little bit to figure it out.”

Quality of the craftsmanship, design and materials [2:48]

“Once I actually got it built though, and I was able to turn it on, I’ve been very, very happy with my experience so far. The wood is unbelievably nice, right? This screen, it works really well. Buttons respond quickly. The aesthetic of the overall sauna is really nice. I think it makes this garage that we’re in actually look really good. And the lights that… And the exterior lights that light up the outside of the sauna make it look really cool as well.”

Selecting the right wood choice [3:19]

“One thing that I wish I had done was ordered a different type of wood though. Even though the wood is really nice, it has a nice smell to it, a nice aroma, if someone has dirty feet, and they walk into the sauna, or they put their feet on the bench because it’s a light wood, it can get stained and get dirt on it, and it’s really visible. If I were to encourage you, if you’re interested in buying a sauna, I would definitely go with a darker wood. And with that darker wood, you won’t be able to see blemishes or imperfections as much as with the light wood.”

Sunlighten’s unique features [4:04]

“So I know that there is probably a lot more features than what I’m going to cover in this video, but the ones that I’ve been playing around with myself are just switching between the different near, far and mid infrared lights based on what I’m trying to accomplish. So if it’s later at night, I might turn on the relaxation one, or if I need a detox, or I feel like I want to do that, then I’ll turn on the detox one. And I’ll make custom ones. And I think that part of it has been really fun and really cool. And I know that not all infrared saunas actually have all three wavelengths.”

EMF measurement [6:12]

“There’s a lot of different talk about different saunas on the market, and this is something that I was actually really concerned about. And so I have here my trusty EMF meter. And I turn the sauna on, and I put my meter right next to the panels when it was on full, full blast. And it was well within the safe range. And so that made me really happy. It made me really feel good about my confidence in Sunlighten that they’re really standing up to what they say of having low EMF producing infrared saunas.”

User experience [6:55]

“Now let me just tell you about my experience after using the infrareds sauna for a while now. And my overall experience has been amazing. I feel like it’s such a blessing to be able to have an infrared sauna because after you have a long day of work, or you want to relax or get ready for bed, or you want to recover from a workout, whatever it is, there’s a lot of applications for the infrared sauna. And for me, the lifestyle that I live, I don’t really go out and drink very much, but I do like to socialize a lot. So the way that I’ve been kind of using the infrared sauna is actually a way to connect with people. It’s like, hey, come over. We’ll sit in the infrared sauna. We can talk about life or whatever. And it’s been so cool to be able to have that and give that to people in my community and my friends and my family.”

How it has enhanced my lifestyle [7:50]

“And what I’ve noticed from an energy perspective and from a health perspective is just I’m way more relaxed. Stress levels are definitely lower. I have higher energy throughout the day, and I just feel a sense of clear. I just feel less heavy, if that makes sense. After everything’s all said and done, from my experience using the sauna, it’s been great. And I think if you’re considering getting a sauna, you should definitely get one.”

My overall rating [8:22]

“I’m really excited to see the long-term benefits of using a sauna on an ongoing basis. And if I were to rate this thing overall, I’d give it a nine out of ten. It’s a nine out of ten because I just love it. I love the experience of it. It makes me feel amazing. It has low EMF. Once you get it set up, it’s pretty easy to use. The only reason why it’s a nine, and it’s not as ten, is because it was a bit tough to put together. I’ve had a bit of trouble sometimes connecting my phone with Bluetooth. Sometimes it finds it. Sometimes it doesn’t. And the thing with the lights on the inside.  Those are pretty minor, but everything else was pretty amazing.”


If you are in the process of shopping for a sauna, we hope you find this infrared sauna review helpful.  For other frequently asked questions when purchasing an infrared sauna check out this blog post, chat live with our team or call 877.292.0020.

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