Sunlighten Sauna Reviews: Serenity Springs Massage and Bodywork

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Sunlighten Infrared Sauna at Serenity Springs Massage & Bodywork

We were pleased recently to see a lovely review of Sunlighten saunas by one of our commercial infrared sauna customers in the Calaveras County, California news. Certified Massage Therapist Marnene Waid of Serenity Springs Massage and Bodywork, located in Valley Springs, California, recently added a Sunlighten Far Infrared Sauna to her client services offerings.

A Signature II model to be exact.

Marnene holds certificates in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine, Swedish, Pregnancy and Postpartum, Hot Stone, Advanced Practitioner and Chair massage.

One of her patrons has seen immediate results. He said, “I have used the sauna now for 30 days and have lost 11 pounds. And my friends have noticed!” Waid talks with her clients about weight loss, detoxification, pain relief, blood pressure reduction and improved circulation as possible infrared sauna therapy benefits.

blood pressure cuff 2

Can you see the sauna at the right edge of the photo? Perfect fit!

She also told the local media that they “have SO Sound in the infrared sauna. The SO sound system uses amplified audio signals for sound and vibrational therapy.”

Over the past several years, SO Sound Solution™ technology has been used in both exploratory trials and in practice at several medical facilities. User testimonials include individuals experiencing significant relief from chronic pain, stress, fatigue and acute pain, faster recovery from back or neck injury.

If you live in or are visiting the Calaveras County area and want to learn more about Serenity Springs Massage and Bodywork, you can call Marnene Waid at 209-772-0550 or visit her online at

Serenity Springs Massage may also be found on Facebook. Marnene posted these photos of her Sunlighten sauna on the Serenity Spring Facebook page. Marnene gives a great review of her Sunlighten sauna in the captions of these pics: “20 minutes to an hour in this sauna and you feel like a new person!!” and “It’s a great stand alone treatment or add it to your massage.”

We love hearing from people like Marnene and we love that she is sharing her excitement about the benefits of infrared heat therapy with her clients!

* Photos from Serenity Springs Massage and Bodywork Facebook page

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