Sunlighten Saunas Celebrates 15 Years!

Sunlighten saunas celebrates 15 years company picture Yes, it’s true. Sunlighten Saunas is celebrating our 15th anniversary this month. And it has been a notable year for us!

Founded to perpetuate the shift away from disease treatment and toward disease prevention, we continue our commitment to educating the public on the many health and detoxification benefits of infrared technology.

This mission comes from the very roots of our company, which was founded when Jason Jeffers battled chronic fatigue syndrome and ultimately discovered the benefits of infrared sauna therapy. Today, Sunlighten continues to forge ahead to promote nutrition, detoxification and stress-reduction as key components to a holistic wellness approach.

As we continue to uphold our mission, we are so pleased to celebrate our 15th anniversary with you, as well as the many great moments we’ve had in the past year:

We hope it has been a wonderful and healthy year for you – all of our valued readers and customers – as well. Whatever benefits you are seeking from using our sauna products, we look forward to working with you in the year ahead and learning more of your incredible stories of healing and wellness through Sunlighten Sauna use!

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