Sunlighten Saunas in the Media: Dr. Jonny Bowden on Dr. Fitness & The Fat Guy Radio Show

Our friend Jonny Bowden – a renowned nutritionist, best-selling author and wellness expert – visited recently with the entertaining and informative Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy on their weekly radio show. They talked for quite a while about cholesterol, heart health, stress, and high blood pressure before turning their attention to infrared saunas. Dr. Bowden talked about the detox, weight loss and blood pressure benefits of regular infrared sauna use and specifically mentioned Sunlighten infrared saunas. Sunlighten saunas are the only infrared saunas clinically shown to help lower blood pressure.

A great discussion about heart health in general. Click below to listen to the show (the sauna talk heats up at about the 29 minute mark):

Lower Blood Pressure with Sunlighten Infrared Sauna – Dr. Jonny Bowden on Dr. Fitness & the Fat Guy Radio Show

Sunlighten infrared saunas health benefits

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